Times Profile Shop: Alternative Apparel

Monday, March 14, 2011
A couple weeks ago, I attended the preview of the Times Profile Shop's Alternative Apparel launch.

The Times Profile Shop is the first of its kind, using Temporary Brand Profiling. Kind of like a pop-up shop, the Times Profile Shop brings in one brand at a time, profiling it for a specific period. The catch? Each brand being profiled is to produce some limited edition pieces for the store. The first brand that was profiled in the Times Profile Shop was Montreal's Naked and Famous Denim.

Currently, the Times Profile Shop is showing 60 pieces from Alternative Apparel's signature line.

Alternative Apparel, not to be confused with American Apparel, is a line of stylish basics, from outerwear, loungewear, dresses, and now, accessories. The company was founded in 1995 when Founder Greg Alterman set out to design the perfect t-shirt. Now, Alternative Apparel is one of the fastest growing (private) companies in North America.

The pieces at the Times Profile Shop didn't disappoint. From tanks and t-shirts, to hoodies and cargos (men's only), each piece felt soft to the touch and had that worn-in look. There's a hoodie that I have my eye on (it's so soft!!).

The next time you're in Gastown, be sure to stop by and pick up a piece (or two!). The Times Profile Shop will be featuring Alternative Apparel until April 2011.

Alternative Apparel can also be found at Aritzia, TNT and Urban Outfitters.

Times Profile Shop
231 Cambie St.

Thanks to Lotus Leaf Communications for the photos and to both Lotus Leaf and the Times Profile Shop for the preview.

Eco Fashion Week: Nicole Bridger FW11

Monday, March 7, 2011
Eco Fashion Week was a couple weeks ago and amongst all the flurry in my life (and the literal flurries in Vancouver), I made sure to hit up the Nicole Bridger FW11 show.

I first heard about Nicole Bridger around this time last year when Define Magazine interviewed her and she sponsored a giveaway.

EFW was held at The Salt Building by the Village at False Creek. While the idea of it seemed a bit odd, it turned out to be a great venue. I hate being uncomfortable, hot, and overly crowded at fashion shows.

The Nicole Bridger show was packed - with some celebs in the front row. I thought the show was great - there are some items that I'm definitely coveting! I loved all the bright coloured tights! I look forward to Nicole's first boutique opening in May at 2151 W. 4th Avenue (between Arbutus and Yew).

Here are some of my favourite looks from the show - thanks to Vanguard PR and Darko Sikman (photographer) for the photos.

I saw this model and thought, "I know her!" She ran cross-country at SFU!
This girl was stunning. And I loved her hair!
There's always one outfit that makes everyone gasp - THIS was that one

Dove Visibly Smooth Challenge

Tuesday, March 1, 2011
I signed up to take part in Dove's Visibly Smooth Challenge.

To be honest, I wasn't familiar with the product because I rarely watch TV in real time, so I typically fast forward through all the commercials. But when I heard that it was supposed to gradually decrease the look and feel of hair over time, I wanted to see if it were true - especially since it boasted that 99% of women who had tried the product said that they would recommend it to a friend.

Challenge accepted.

I'm about 10 days into the challenge (results start showing after approximately 4 weeks) and here are my thoughts so far:

- the products weren't entirely clear - after looking on the Dove website, I discovered that the 2 different products I received (the Anti-Perspirant Deodorant and the Clinical Protection) both help reduce the appearance of hair. Being unfamiliar with the product, I didn't know this.

- the Clinical Protection instructions say that the product is most effective during the night. However, I've been finding it difficult to remember to apply it before bed consistently.

- I received the Wild Rose scent rather than the Nature Fresh. I hate floral scents. I especially hate the smell of rose products - I find them to be chemically, and this is no different. I typically use citrus or mild scented deodorant because I can be quite sensitive. Luckily, this scent hasn't given me any headaches, but after 10 days, I'm getting used to it and no longer feel paranoid that every can smell me when I walk by. I actually asked my boyfriend is he could smell me because it was so strong for me.

I hope that I begin to see results soon so that I can provide you all with a status update!

For more information on Dove's Visibly Smooth, check out their website.

Dove products are available at drugstores across Canada.