Naeem Khan F/W'12

Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Naeem Khan was one of my favourite shows of NYFW, and it wasn't just because I spotted Matt Damon sitting front row (next to his sour-faced wife...who was sitting next to Padma Lakshmi, who was sitting beside Kristin Chenoweth). The detail, bead work, and pattern on the collection was absolutely stunning. There were sequins and caftans and embellished pants! What more could a girl (or drag queen) want?

Here's my video of the final walk (with ridiculously bright lights in typical Lincoln Center style):

Here are some of my favourite looks from the collection:

SO SHINY! And a beaded suit - SO MUCH WANT.
Impeccable beading 
Sequins and beads and shine, oh my! 
Caftans & sheer & embellished PANTS. Dying.

5 NYFW Travel Tips

Tuesday, February 28, 2012
This was my second stint at New York Fashion Week (or Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, if you will) and   I've compiled a list of travel tips to help you get through the week.

  1. Plan what to bring. As much as we all leave packing until the last minute, this is one time where you don't want to do that. You don't need to plan your exact outfit (since NY weather can be just as cray as Vancouver), but bring pieces that you can mix with each other.
  2. Maximize your time - pick good flights. If you're like me and have a day job, you know how precious those vacation days are. In order to maximize my time in NYC, I fly Cathay Pacific. It's a red-eye out of Vancouver and the return flight gives you a full day to pack (or nurse your hangover), before heading back to work the next day...a little worse for wear.
  3. Bring a portable steamer. You don't want to be traipsing to a show with unsightly wrinkles that you could have easily taken care of. If you want to be taken seriously, take yourself seriously and look presentable.
  4. Bring flats that you can stuff in your purse. You probably aren't always going to carry around a hobo bag or satchel, so you need flats that can fit into a clutch or small bag. My Ferragamo flats do this, but sometimes they still don't fit. Solution? Dr. Scholl's fast flats. But bring a pouch for them, you probably don't want to know where the soles have been.
  5. Pack your bag using dry cleaner bags. What??! Dry cleaner bags are designed to prevent wrinkles (who knew?!). I tested this out on my recent trip and I have to say I was impressed. While I still had wrinkles, there were significantly less than had I not used the dry cleaner bags (silk shirts, I'm talking to you).

Beauty: The 2012 Oscars

Monday, February 27, 2012
Spotted! Four Spring 2012 beauty trends on the red carpet last night!

Bold Lips

Seems like every season is bold lip season, but it's such a classic look, how can you go wrong? Spring 2012's bold lip comes in a variety of colours, from your typical reds and pinks, to purples and greys (seriously). The one thing that rules them all? A matte finish.
Seen on: Rooney Mara

Bold Brows

Are bold brows still considered a trend? I guess if the old trend was bleached brows (remember ANTM where the girl cried??), then I guess going au natural would be considered a trend. Spring 2012's bold brows are bold and architectural, bordering on androgynous. Sign me up.
Seen on: Rooney Mara

Winged Liner

I love winged liner but I really suck at doing it. (Does anyone have any tips??) Spring 2012 brings eyeliner to a whole new level. At times it was used to draw intricate designs around the eye and crease, and others, it was just used as extreme liner. The winged liner on the red carpet wasn't super avant garde, but obvious enough to meet the trend.
Seen on: Emma Stone, Jennifer Lopez

Tone on tone on tone

Monochrome isn't only just for clothes anymore. The buzzword for this look is "tonal", but I'm a Yeezy/HOV fan, so... Utilizing various shades of one colour enables you to create that fresh faced, dewy look that everyone loves. Even though you could be wearing as much makeup as a tranny, no one will be able to notice. All joking aside, this is one look I'd love to master.
Seen on: Gwyneth Paltrow

Images via Getty.

Remember January?

Thursday, February 23, 2012
what a hipster

dinner at Cibo
hard at work or hardly working? 
view from my office window - summertime is a distraction
meet kirby
homemade pulled pork sliders
the watchful eye in the emergency room
a Burnaby icon
birthday wishes from the Hotel Vancouver 

the suite life @ Hotel Vancouver
heart my smash
decadence at Nicli
a suitable alternative to Napoli
birthday card from coworkers

The Man Bag: Part 2

Wednesday, February 22, 2012
I promised a Man Bag: Part 2 post and it's finally here!

There are so many option for bags. Here are some of my favourites from some brands outside the mainstream. Remember, you don't always have to chase the big retailers - hit the boutiques and shop local. Also, don't be afraid to ask your girlfriend or girl friend for help.

  1. Jack Spade Waxwear Field Bag - $375
  2. Sketchbook Great Outdoors Pack - $200
  3. Sketchbook Sightseeing Case - $125
  4. Sketchbook Wayfarer Backpack - $260
  5. Topo Designs Daypack - $98
  6. Jack Spade Mill Leather Field Messenger - $375
  7. Jack Spade Nylon Canvas Day Bag - $175
  8. Roots Messenger Case in Tribe - $298
  9. Roots Modern Satchel in Tribe - $338

NYFW Outfit: Prepster

Wednesday, February 15, 2012
You don't have to tell me that I've been the WORST at posting this NYFW, I'm fully aware. I swear that as much as I love New York, it's this weird time eating vortex. Especially during Fashion Week. Which, is kind of ironic since Fashion Week is so busy that you don't get to eat. It's probably the most unhealthy week of life, ever. You're running around to shows all over the city, there's nowhere by the Lincoln Center that you can grab a quick bite to eat, there are parties every night, and you get little to no sleep (hence the sunnies).

Getting back to business. You can blame Niki for the fuzzy shot. <3

Shirt: H&M Skirt: TopShop Shoes: ShoeMint Bag: TopShop