VCBW: Sisters of the Tap

Tuesday, June 19, 2012
Vancouver Craft Beer Week has come and gone and I'm really looking forward to it next year.

It was my first time attending any of the events and I was pleasantly surprised. I attended the Sisters of the Tap dinner, which is one of the marquee events of the week and was blown away. Sure, there were growing pains, and yes, I was extremely out of my element, but the food! The beer! Great.

I loved seeing the women who are part of this very masculine industry - particularly female brewers who work in BC breweries.

I chatted briefly with Claire Connolly (you may know her from the VCBW posters that were around town), who is from the UK, and she said she loves being a Brewmaster in Canada because it's a very progressive industry. The UK is still very traditional in their views on beer, so that would that stifle her creativity.

Well, we're lucky to have her, and all these fabulous women!

Dungeness crab roll with Howe Sound 4 Way Fruit Ale
BC Halibut with Big River Vienna Lager
Braised beef shin with Spinnakers Hoptoria


Monday, June 18, 2012
Love my Superga's
Congrats Style Struck!

At the Lifetime Collective showroom (post to come!)
High tea at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver
A carb-lover's dream
Impressive bar spread at the IKEA Richmond grand opening=
Best food at a media event goes to Travel Alberta!

Smash & Z
Rainy day work at Revolver
Special delivery from New Zealand!
Peroni & lemon sorbet at Famoso Pizzeria


Lunch time sun basking

Peonies & Pimms - two faves
Obakki & H&M for Mother's Day
Fresh spot prawns

Brunch from West

In my happy place - I LOVE airports
To Die For Banana Bread hanging out back East
Just lovely
A fave - Board of Trade Co.

Vancouver Craft Beer Week
Vancouver Craft Beer Week
Vancouver Craft Beer Week

Jericho Beach

Earnest Ice Cream - Coffee.

Jubilee tea party at work
Earnest Ice Cream - Rhubarb Crumble
Smoked meat sandwich from Meat & Bread
Cute event invite from Tara Parker Tait