L'Oreal Paris Dress Your Lashes

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The L'Oreal Paris feature "Dress Your Lashes" began today in various retailers across Canada. This campaign runs until March 13, and features 4 of the L'Oreal Paris Voluminous top-sellers: Voluminous Original Mascara, Voluminous Power 24H Mascara, Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara, and Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara.
With these 4 products, make-up lovers can build their own ultimate lash wardrobe, mimicking looks from 4 of the spokespeople: Freida Pinto, Liya Kebede, Doutzen Kroes, and Claudia Schiffer.

Stay tuned to find out which of the 4 is my favourite!

The Oscars 2013

Monday, February 25, 2013
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The Oscars, or as they were known this year, The 10th Anniversary of Chicago, are a total bore to watch, but one of the best nights of the year for fashion. It’s basically the prom of Hollywood. Who brought who as a date, who dressed like a total skank, who’s knocked up, and who spiked the punch. With that, here are my picks for best and worst dressed.

Best Dressed
Charlize Theron
I love the minimalism of this dress, and appreciate that she didn’t feel the need to compensate with extra accessories. There is going to be a whole crop of girls who think Charlize looks so great tonight, that they’ll go out and get that haircut. And 100% of those girls will later go home crying because they don’t look as good as Charlize.

Also, what do you bet Miley Cyrus thinks she looks just like Charlize Theron with her haircut?

Naomi Watts
What makes this dress so great is the fact that this dress could have gone so wrong. Naomi wears this Armani Privé so well, while another actress who could end up looking like a robot.

Jessica Chastain
Having your dress and your hair be the same colour would look awful on anyone else, but is amazing on Jessica Chastain. I love the beading too.

Sally Field
Everyone always talks about how Helen Mirren is a hot old lady, and poor Sally Field gets overlooked. Seriously people, this woman is 66, and looks like a total babe. Most “age-appropriate” dresses seem to fade into the background, but this Valentino dress doesn’t at all.

Kerry Washington
The formal nature of the Oscars can lead to dresses getting boring, but Kerry Washington’s dress is just so fun. She’s been consistently one of the best dressed all award season.

Ben Affleck and George Clooney’s Beards.
I’m just saying, if you can talk about how great someone’s body looks in a dress, you should be able to talk about how great someone’s face looks in a beard.

Worst Dressed
Brandi Glanville
Just because you want Eddie Cibrian to regret ever leaving you for LeAnn Rimes, doesn’t mean you have to show your areolas on the red carpet.

Anne Hathaway
I know people say fashion works in a 20-year cycle, but I am not prepared for the mid-90s look Anne is wearing to come back any time soon. Also, nipples.

Halle Berry
Please refer to my best-dressed section about actresses looking like robots.

Ottawa Fashion Week

Friday, February 15, 2013
Last weekend I attended Ottawa Fashion Week. As I explained, from attending the opening party, I was pretty hopeful about what the weekend would hold. And for the most part, I was actually impressed with the production value (and even the clothes). There were a few things that confused me, including an entire Fall/Winter collection of barely there skirts and shirts (but more on that later).

While the event was 3 days (evenings) long, I only attended Saturday night. Friday left me homebound, thanks to some residual effects of Nemo, and quite frankly, having an event from 6pm-10pm (not accounting for the lateness of fashion shows), without open bar or canapés, is a lot to ask. The last thing I want to be doing at a fashion show is during an "intermission" (I was confused too) to be stuffing my face with pizza. What's wrong with going from 1pm-5pm?
Images via Jacob Durjan 
But back to the fashion.

Ariel Wu was ok. The clothes aren't my jam. Perhaps that's an unfair judgement, but you can only see so many drop-waist dresses in raspberry, olive, and khaki before you check out. The one highlight from this collection was a cream coloured shirt with a built-in cape. The built-in cape is the thing right now (think Andrea Risborough's chainmail).

Iman was a solid collection, but also not my jam. It was Iman's first time showing and there's a lot of potential there. The collection used a lot of bright jewel tones and was definitely culturally inspired. But it also had a medieval feel to it. Where it fell flat for me was that it used a lot of satin, and lace and sheer overlay.

Jana & Emilia Fashions showed a collection inspired by the First Nations communities. There were some cool pieces, like a yellow jacket with a massive owl appliqué on the back. However, the collection was showing Fall/Winter, and there were a high number of barely-there skirts and fur front-only tops (tied with leather pieces). But aside from that, the outwear was the standout. Well tailored pieces with interesting details on them.

Nyira was my favourite collection of the night. The show opened with a fantastic fuchsia water-colour suit. The same amazing pattern was used as the lapels on a extra-long tuxedo-inspired jacket. The collection was based in black, but there was a lot of gold brocade used too - including a gold jacket. I very rarely attend local fashion shows and want a piece from a collection, let alone the entire collection.

Dare opened their show with an African drum performance. The collection was nice. No hugely standout pieces, but the collection was solid overall. Think jersey dresses: maxi, short, wrap-dresses, with Angelina slits, turtlenecks. Maybe I missed something, but I didn't entirely understand the tie-in with the drummers.

On the whole, I was pleasantly surprised by my whole Ottawa Fashion Week experience.

Model Menswear: London Alexander

Thursday, February 14, 2013
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"You mean this is a MALE fashion show?" asked the guy in line behind us. 

Though his disappointment at the lack of female models was apparent, Sarah and I, who often gravitate to the menswear section ourselves, were ready to see which pieces from the collection we could splice into our wardrobes.

London Alexander, a Vancouver-based designer who started his craft in Squamish, showcased his new collections at Fortune Sound Club on Saturday night. 

Packed with people anticipating another collection boasting his signature clean and basic menswear style, London Alexander's showcase featured his Spring/Summer 2013 and Fall/Winter 2013 collections. 

Incorporating classic cuts updated with fun prints, small details and bold accents, Alexander's collections delivered. These pieces would provide any guy a perfect wardrobe foundation with its basic shorts, pants, t's and shirts, with a few jackets and sweatsuit inspired pieces. I know I'd steal some of the super soft looking t-shirts and sweat shorts from an unexpecting guy, or maybe even buy some for myself. Though some of the colours and patterns seemed half a season behind, overall, what Alexander's collection lacked in innovation was made up for in tailoring. 
Images via Berkley Vopnfjord

Post-show, I don't know our friend from the line felt any less exasperated that he didn't get to see ladies on the runway, but I'm sure he was inspired to update his wardrobe with some new basics. 

Find out more about London Alexander's collection, including stockists, here

(Erin: London Alexander used to go under LRMA. You can read more and see more here.)

NYFW: A Look Back at September 2012

Wednesday, February 13, 2013
To mourn the first New York Fashion Week that I've missed in 4 seasons, and to celebrate the wrap up of this season's NYFW, I bring you, 2 looks from September 2012.

Tank: Banana Republic Skirt: Obakki Boots: Alexander Wang Bag: Michael Kors - Photo Credit
Dress: Vintage Bag: Michael Kors Shoes: Zara - Photo Credit
Sunglasses: Spitfire - Photo Credit

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The Parker Project: From Winter into Summer 2013

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cities have industrial parks, technology parks, but did you know that Vancouver has a fashion park? Located on Parker Street in East Vancouver, The Parker Project houses the offices of some of your favourite fashion brands.

This past Friday we took a tour of The Parker Project to get a sneak peak of the clothes that will be hitting stores soon. With all of our friends talking about Sasquatch and Coachella lately, we had music festivals on the brain. So with that in mind, as we took our tour, it seemed like all of our favourite finds were also festival picks. Even the food was festival ready, with the Tacofino truck parked right outside (nom).

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My general rule of thumb for festivals is that at least one piece of denim must be worn at all times. Have a maxi dress? Add a denim jacket. Wearing a cute blouse? Obviously pair it with cutoffs. Or, just go all out and rock a summer version of the Canadian tuxedo.

I know most people think cutoffs and tank tops for festivals, but when the sun goes down you gotta bundle up (we learned that the hard way at Outside Lands last year). The mix of knit and leather on this Line Knitwear piece looks great and will keep you warm.

Lightweight pants are a must have item. When you’re lying on a blanket waiting for the next act to hit the stage, you’ll be glad you’re in pants and not a short skirt. Gypsy05 had lots of pants in awesome colourful prints. If you’re feeling a little less adventurous, Lifetime Collective had black pants that would make a great wardrobe staple.

Blee Inara had some great accessories with lots of influences from around the world. I was especially digging the evil eyes.

Quiksilver Women had a ton of good finds. My favourite was this tall ship dress.

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Festival dressing can be a bit tricky. You’ve really got to consider where the festival is taking place and other factors like how long you’ll actually have to be outside and what sort of surfaces you’ll be perching on while mowing your food truck treats. You’ve also got to mix practical with on trend, which can be agonizing if you’re not an effortless festival goddess.

My go to pieces always involve layering (even if it’s excessive at times) of both clothing and jewelry. I’d start with these bangles from the YBrands showroom. They’d provide a good hint of colour to any festival getup.

A maxi dress is a perfect piece as it’s both flowly but keeps your legs protected from scratchy grass. The stripe pattern of this Gypsy05 maxi would be perfect to layer with your key denim piece of the day.

If you’re going to a festival where you know it’s going to be hot, these Seychelle's sandals incorporate just enough of the stud trend to be cute without being a hindrance at airport security.
Keeping warm, especially at festivals in a desert like Sasquatch, mean a big knit is essential. This Left on Houston open cardigan could be thrown over any piece to stave off the nighttime chills.

BB Dakota’s lightweight patterned shorts would be perfect for a hot day. Throw on some thigh high socks to carry them into a cool night.

After browsing through the showrooms, we were both ready to ditch our winter knits for some festival pieces. Besides the basics of denim and patterns, incorporate practical layers with unexpected accessories to create a unique festival look while ensuring you won’t freeze while listening to Metallica in a cloud of fog. We coped with the longing for our next festival by stuffing our face with mini cupcakes – we’re definitely on our way to that summer bod.

[Insert Adjective Here] Dressed: The Grammys

Monday, February 11, 2013
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There really is no 'Best Dressed' at the Grammys, only ridiculous and slightly less ridiculous. So with that, here are my awards for the best and the rest:

Best Dressed Award: Rihanna. Yeah it’s see through, but if I looked like her, all my outfits would be too. Plus, no one has looked that good in a red Alaia since Cher Horowitz.

We Get It, You’re in Good Shape Award: J.Lo and her leg. This woman will be 80 and still dressing like a 20 year old.

Jessica Simpson Never-Ending Pregnancy Award: Amber Rose. How has she not had that baby yet? I’m surprised she didn’t go into labour mid-show.

Accessory of the Night: Frank Ocean’s finger bandage. On a side note, was Chris Brown’s all white ensemble some sort of PR move? Does he think people will see him as innocent?

Glinda the Good Witch Award: Kimbra. Also, I’m pretty sure Kimbra’s head weighs more than her entire body, because I think she could topple over at any second.

Jurassic Park Award: Florence-asaurus Welch in custom Givenchy.

*Sigh* is it the Oscars yet?

Ottawa Fashion Week: Opening Party

Friday, February 8, 2013
Earlier this week, I attended the kick-off party for Ottawa Fashion Week.

It's been a long time since I've been the girl at an event who doesn't know a single person. I didn't know what fashion blogs (if there even are any) were popular in Ottawa, who the typical media and event people were, or anything. I went to this party not knowing a single thing about Ottawa Fashion Week, the scene, anything. I think this was actually a good thing...aside from being insanely awkward for most of the evening.

The party venue was only a few blocks from my apartment. It wasn't raining, so the Vancouverite in me wanted to make the most of that (plus taking a cab would've been silly), so I decided to walk. Walking meant that I couldn't wear heels, which was fine, since it was -10 and icy out. Dressed in denim on denim and black boots, I was the most underdressed person by a long shot. There were heels, bare legs, party dresses, the works! I was so underdressed, that my ice-breaker to talk to 2 girls was, "Hey. You guys look as awkward and uncomfortable about being underdressed as I am!" (I'm so charming.) I ended up trying to justify my underdressed-ness as being "Westcoast" - AKA practical. But then I was told (by a CTV reporter and the wife of the OFW Executive Director) that it's GAME ON during Ottawa Fashion Week, and to "have fun with it".

Challenge accepted.

What really surprised me about Ottawa Fashion Week (aside from the fact that it's just a weekend and that I had to pay for a media pass - yes, OFW, I'm judging you. This isn't MBFW) is that it is fully supported by the National Capital Commission, a Crown corporation that promotes the Ottawa region as a source of national pride and significance. The partnership helps promote the arts and culture aspect of fashion, something Vancouver could benefit greatly from.

While the actual fashions have yet to be judged, I can certainly tell you that the professionalism of OFW currently surpasses that of VFW. For OFW, it's not about the press hits, the SEO, or requests of biased blog contributions from bloggers (requests that once you've declined are somehow sent to you again by the same person), it's actually about fashion as a part of art and culture. And while that part differs from the fashion beliefs in the US and Europe, it's at least something that we can take ownership for.