The Oscars 2013

Monday, February 25, 2013
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The Oscars, or as they were known this year, The 10th Anniversary of Chicago, are a total bore to watch, but one of the best nights of the year for fashion. It’s basically the prom of Hollywood. Who brought who as a date, who dressed like a total skank, who’s knocked up, and who spiked the punch. With that, here are my picks for best and worst dressed.

Best Dressed
Charlize Theron
I love the minimalism of this dress, and appreciate that she didn’t feel the need to compensate with extra accessories. There is going to be a whole crop of girls who think Charlize looks so great tonight, that they’ll go out and get that haircut. And 100% of those girls will later go home crying because they don’t look as good as Charlize.

Also, what do you bet Miley Cyrus thinks she looks just like Charlize Theron with her haircut?

Naomi Watts
What makes this dress so great is the fact that this dress could have gone so wrong. Naomi wears this Armani Privé so well, while another actress who could end up looking like a robot.

Jessica Chastain
Having your dress and your hair be the same colour would look awful on anyone else, but is amazing on Jessica Chastain. I love the beading too.

Sally Field
Everyone always talks about how Helen Mirren is a hot old lady, and poor Sally Field gets overlooked. Seriously people, this woman is 66, and looks like a total babe. Most “age-appropriate” dresses seem to fade into the background, but this Valentino dress doesn’t at all.

Kerry Washington
The formal nature of the Oscars can lead to dresses getting boring, but Kerry Washington’s dress is just so fun. She’s been consistently one of the best dressed all award season.

Ben Affleck and George Clooney’s Beards.
I’m just saying, if you can talk about how great someone’s body looks in a dress, you should be able to talk about how great someone’s face looks in a beard.

Worst Dressed
Brandi Glanville
Just because you want Eddie Cibrian to regret ever leaving you for LeAnn Rimes, doesn’t mean you have to show your areolas on the red carpet.

Anne Hathaway
I know people say fashion works in a 20-year cycle, but I am not prepared for the mid-90s look Anne is wearing to come back any time soon. Also, nipples.

Halle Berry
Please refer to my best-dressed section about actresses looking like robots.

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