Vancouver Fashion Week

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Vancouver Fashion Week is coming up next week (Nov 3-8)! I'm going to try to hit up at least a couple shows. It seems like VFW is coming into it's own, as there are a lot more sponsors this year, including some big names like Town Shoes and Alexander Holburn Beaudin & Lang. VFW will be featuring a wide array of designers, from the well-known Kersh, to lesser known Broken Doll.

If you're going to be heading to VFW let me know and hopefully we'll be able to meet up!

World Series!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009
Today is Game 1 of the 2009 World Series (Yankees & Phillies)! I am so excited! I have been waiting all season for the World Series. The Yankees haven't been in the World Series for a few years now, so I haven't had an desire (or obligation) to watch. But this year, oh boy, this year we're going all the way! The Yankees haven't won a World Series since 2000.

I remember in 2003, I was supposed to be studying for a psychology midterm, but I was following the game-day tracker online. When the Yankees lost Game 6 to the Florida Marlins, losing the World Series, I was devastated. Sure, I was upset because my team lost, but in a time like that, it's more that I remember exactly how crappy it feels to be the losing team in a Championship. I was so distraught that I actually considered going to my professor the next day and arguing that I had been too upset from the Yankee loss to study, and could I please get a make-up. I didn't actually do that, but the thought seriously crossed my mind.

But this year, I can feel the magic.

Home, Home on the Range

Tuesday, October 27, 2009
While I may have lifted my shopping ban I'm not out running up my Visa bill. However, there was a certain degree of obligation to check out the new Forever21 store and indulge myself in a few other items. Of course there are still other things I need to complete the major items on my winter checklist, but there's always time (but not always money - ha ha).

My visit to Forever21 wasn't as successful as I had initially hoped, but I did manage to get a few great pieces. I got a black knit Herve Leger inspired bandage dress. For those of you who really know me, it's not the type of dress I would typically wear, but for the price (and the sex appeal) how could I say no? I also got 2 fabulous statement necklaces, one which I wore out to brunch with Jennifer of JK Models, and bloggers Nicole, Ace & Anya.

I also bought 2 new books this week. A cupcake book (even though I'm pretty sure I have at least 2 others) from HomeSense and a novel, Ladies and Gentlemen, The Bible, a satire on, well, the Bible, posing difficult questions like, "How did Joseph explain Mary's pregnancy to the guys at work?".

But my favourite purchase lately would have to be the ShoeDazzle shoes I bought at the beginning of September, only to return them for a smaller size. They arrived while I was away!

My wonderful YSL knockoffs. Actually, I prefer these to the YSL version because of the heel. While the caged YSL heel is fabulous, these definitely suit my personality more. They're very comfortable to wear and they make me insanely tall! In them I'm close to 5'10"! Good thing I have a tall (6'1") boyfriend!

Shopping Ban Lifted!

Monday, October 26, 2009
When I went to New Zealand I had to lift my shopping ban, obviously. However, due to my lack of employment, I needed to stick to a budget. Lucky for me, this ended up being pretty easy because for half my trip, I was staying with my boyfriend's family and eating a lot of home-cooked meals.

I was pleasantly surprised by New Zealand's shopping - they had a large selection of stores for women with varying price points. Of course since I was trying to adhere to my budget I couldn't do much but browse. I was actually disappointed by the lack of sales. When I was there it was the beginning of spring so being a savvy shopper, you would expect all their winter items to be on sale - which I figured would work perfectly because we're heading into winter. Wrong. Instead of cardigans and sweaters, there were t-shirts, lightweight skirts and summer dresses! I did find one store that had some great (sale) prices on MinkPink, but nothing that I could wear now. But let me tell you, those Kiwis love their dresses - I have never seen so many stores with so many dresses!

The downside of shopping in New Zealand? The prices! I understand that it's an island nation and that everything needs to be imported, but shoes especially, were insanely expensive! A regular pair of heels (sandals or pumps) that would run about $80-100 CDN, would cost at least $150 NZD. Sure, with the conversion that comes to $110 CDN, but the quality of the shoes aren't the same and for brands I haven't even heard of. I did manage to snag a super cute pair of embellished flats that seem to look just like these Steve Madden flats...

The only difference is that the embellishments on my shoes are gold AND silver.

And then I allowed myself one nice purchase. I always try to buy something that will remind me of the country I got it from everytime I look at it. I had trouble finding something that wasn't super tacky. But as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it.

A gold fern necklace! I love it!

Stay tuned to see what purchases I've made since I got home.


Monday, October 19, 2009
Wow, has life ever been hectic since I got back into town Thursday afternoon. Saturday was the day that killed me - up at 6:30am to drive to the West Side to run a softball clinic until 10am. Then back to Collingwood to volunteer from 12-2:30. Game #2 of the ALCS (Yankees & Angels!) topped off with a night of sushi and karaoke at Hoko's on Powell for one of my best friend's birthday. And all on a measley 4 hours of sleep. Aiya!

(If you know anyone (or someone with kids) who would like private or group softball lessons - I'm available. I have excellent credentials and price is negotiable depending on the group. Pass along my email address. Thanks!)

My trip was great! The weather definitely could have been better - it's the beginning of spring in New Zealand, so think about Vancouver in the spring and you have a New Zealand spring - but it was much windier there...and colder with the lack of central heating! Pictures to come.

Thanks to Nicole from le mode du jour and Kelsey of The Anthology for the awards!

I'm going to pass the award on to AsianCajuns and DaddyLikey.

New posts to come soon. Getting my hair done tomorrow so pictures of that to come soon!

Fashion Smashion

Monday, October 12, 2009

I don't even know where to begin with this one. On Aura Tout Vu Haute Couture F/W 2008. She's actually wearing forks. Cutlery. Utensils. Hey, at least she'll be well equipped for a kindergarten field trip, or in a cafeteria, camping....actually, this dress seems very practical. Who'd have thought??!

image via reuters


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oversize Box T-shirt $45.00

I'm not doing a very good job of trying to hide my new-found love for Leviticus Jewelry. But this shirt made for them by Babooshka, is unreal. I have a similar-ish shirt from TopShop, but it is nowhere near as fabulous as this one. I love the oversized style, giving it the rocker edge I previously mentioned, but at the same time it's simple (and would look great with that spike necklace!). This shirt is wearable with everything, from denim shorts and jeans to jeggings and liquid leggings. And it looks so damn comfortable. Plus, I love the name - Babooshka. Hilarious.

Fall is Here!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009
The Fall season is officially upon us. Even though the October issues are officially upon us, in their September Issue, Elle Magazine put out a list of the 25 must-have items for fall.

  1. Camel Coat
  2. Cape
  3. Toggle Coat
  4. Robe Tie Coat
  5. Minidress (studded, leather, denim, shiny)
  6. Neon
  7. Grecian
  8. One-Sleeve
  9. Deep V-Neck Blouse
  10. Lace Blouse
  11. White Shirt
  12. Optical Stripes
  13. Menswear Trouser
  14. Draped Skirt
  15. Leather Shorts
  16. Legging Pant
  17. Embellished Biker
  18. Tuxedo
  19. Ruffles
  20. Chalk Stripe
  21. Over-the-Knee Boot
  22. Day Clutch
  23. Drawstring Pouch
  24. Buckle Boot
  25. Tread Sole

Stella McCartney Thigh-high faux leather boots - $1,385
Pringle of Scotland Pleated Bow flannel skirt - $995

images via

7th Heaven

Monday, October 5, 2009
By now, I should be well acquainted with the Land of the Long White Cloud.

One of my favourite things about traveling is the excitement you get when you arrive in a new country (or continent for that matter!). Even after backpacking through Europe for 3 months, every new country brought the anticipation and excitement of the unknown - "How's your French/German/Spanish/Italian/Greek?". It's a feeling that never gets old. (However, waking up and asking "What country are we in again?" gets old. But not entirely in a bad way.)

I have the book "101 things to do Before You Die", and while some of the things are just plain stupid ('Get backstage and hook-up with a Rockstar'), a number are definitely do-able. While, I may not be able to 'visit every country in the world', I'm sure as hell going to try. But I'll also settle for meeting the simpler version, 'visit every continent'.

So, my trip to New Zealand marks my 4th continent (North & South America, Europe), leaving Asia, Africa and Antarctica. Obviously Antarctica will be the most difficult, but you can bet on me going, despite my utter disdain for the cold. Why Antarctica? Why not? Think about how few people actually go there, about how crisp and clean the air must be because there's no pollution. Sure there's a huge hole in the ozone above it, but soon enough there will only be 6 continents to visit. So one day, I want to be able to say that I was fortunate enough to have visited the 7th continent.


Thursday, October 1, 2009
Happy October!

I can't believe it's already October. Where does the time go? As much as I would have loved to have gone to Oktoberfest again this year, I'm pretty happy with my choice to head to New Zealand instead. But I know that one day, hopefully sooner rather than later, I'll return to Oktoberfest...and I can't wait!

The Lowenbrau tent where I spent my Oktoberfest.

So quick! Put on your dirndl or lederhosen, grab a stein (a litre!!) of Bavarian beer and sing some awesome German drinking songs! Oktoberfest ends October 4th!

images from guide2germany