World Series!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009
Today is Game 1 of the 2009 World Series (Yankees & Phillies)! I am so excited! I have been waiting all season for the World Series. The Yankees haven't been in the World Series for a few years now, so I haven't had an desire (or obligation) to watch. But this year, oh boy, this year we're going all the way! The Yankees haven't won a World Series since 2000.

I remember in 2003, I was supposed to be studying for a psychology midterm, but I was following the game-day tracker online. When the Yankees lost Game 6 to the Florida Marlins, losing the World Series, I was devastated. Sure, I was upset because my team lost, but in a time like that, it's more that I remember exactly how crappy it feels to be the losing team in a Championship. I was so distraught that I actually considered going to my professor the next day and arguing that I had been too upset from the Yankee loss to study, and could I please get a make-up. I didn't actually do that, but the thought seriously crossed my mind.

But this year, I can feel the magic.

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