My Favourite NYFW Moments

Thursday, March 29, 2012
And so my NYFW coverage comes to an end (finally!). Here are some moments that were caught on camera but I haven't posted yet (including 2 of my favourites). Can you believe that we get to do all this again in 6 months?? Hopefully my liver's recovered by then - doubtful.

The single most amazing (& heavy) sweater I've ever seen. 
Knit coat from Michael Angel. So luxurious that I didn't want to take it off.
Keeping it classy at the Otte x Concept Korea party (blame the open bar).
Backstage at Prete &Bruno

We <3 NY
Media Frenzy!
A hard day's work. 
From the Nonoo presentation


Wednesday, March 28, 2012
My last NYFW outfit post. You're welcome.

This was the last day of Fashion Week and my favourite outfit. I'd been saving this for a day that wasn't too cold, but since that never happened, I decided to brave the elements (and the street style photogs - "Do you think Tommy Ton will want to shoot this?") with bare legs. Turned out for the best since I was featured on The Cut (slide 16), and apparently that photo has been floating around Pintrest.

Coat: Michael Kors T-shirt: Joe Fresh Skirt: ASOS (similar styleShoes: Senso Bag: H&M Necklace: Borrowed

Heidi Gardner F/W'12

Tuesday, March 27, 2012
Heidi Gardner's F/W'12 jewelry presentation was an intimate affair during Fashion Week. In the new Hotel Americano, Heidi was extremely nervous, but looked more at ease as she spoke with family and friends and got into her interview groove.

The collection is stunning, although a bit unconventional (for even more unconventional, check the photos on her site - shocking and amazing). Heidi's pieces are definitely conversation starters. Says Heidi's mother, "Everyone has a little bit of a dark side, Heidi's just not afraid to admit it and use it to her advantage by putting it toward her creativity."

Heidi on her inspiration, "I find inspiration and beauty in the bizarre and macabre. Always have and most likely always will. There's something mysterious and alluring about the things that repulse most people. You are taught as a young age to not state at that which is different or unattractive, but I have never seen anyone or anything that is not beautiful. And so I stare. At everything and at everyone, appreciating its unique genius. I wanted to try and share that concept in my jewelry and in its presentation. I DO want people to stare. You may be repulsed but in this setting it's okay to...stare."

Another Thing I Wore at NYFW

Monday, March 26, 2012
Don't let my lack of coat fool you! This day was freezing and super windy.

Niki and I headed to Chelsea one day and stopped by Highline Park to snap a couple pics and basically look like complete morons as the throngs of tourists walked by us. So...pretty much an average day for us.

Skirt: American Apparel T-shirt: James Perse Necklace: Forever21 Shoes: Bass Sunglasses: Cheap Monday

But before this happened, we were doing something like this (AKA putting on tranny makeup)...details to come.

Menswear: Generic Surplus S/S'12

Friday, March 23, 2012
So, I've covered man bags (twice) and menswear, but not shoes yet. Well, you're in luck! I love shoes. I love men's shoes; loafers, boots, brogues, derbys, oxfords, MONKS. Sometimes, (ear muffs!) I like men's shoes more than women's.

The Spring/Summer'12 collection of LA based shoe company, Generic Surplus, was inspired by the change of seasons from Winter to Spring, along with the laid-bak 1960s outdoor culture of LA and the cutting edge urbanity of 1970s NYC.

Generic Surplus is a brand that doesn't want their customers to feel like they're compromising themselves. Part sneaker, part shoe, Generic Surplus marries the casual and dressy with unwavering ease.

In Canada, Generic Surplus can be found at:

Vancouver - The Block, Livestock
Edmonton - Gram Slam
Calgary - Group Seven
Toronto - Bungalow, Woodlawn
Montreal - La Boutique Panache
Halifax - Soled Out

Menswear: Comune S/S'12

Wednesday, March 21, 2012
LA Brand, Comune's Spring/Summer collection is yet another menswear line that makes me want to cross dress (more than I already do...). Uh, before shit gets too weird here, let's just consider Comune's S/S'12 collection to be everything I would dress my hypothetical boyfriend in. No, but really, the collection is full of tailored shorts, slim fit collared shirts, chambray, comfy tees, great fitting pants, and beachy sweaters. And that denim jacket. It's basically everything that Seth Cohen would be wearing now.

Comune is available in Vancouver at Eugene Choo, Two of a Few, and J2.

Prete & Bruno: Backstage Access

Tuesday, March 20, 2012
I was fortunate enough to be able to go backstage for the Prete & Bruno show at NYFW to hang out and take some photos. If you are ever feeling like your ego is a little too inflated, then I definitely recommend going backstage at a fashion show. I did feel good about myself in my 4 inch heels though, they made me at least comparable in height. But no, these weren't the Glamazons you see on the runways and TV (those ones are over at Alexander Wang) - these girls seemed normal...ish.
the show's makeup look by temptu