Heidi Gardner F/W'12

Tuesday, March 27, 2012
Heidi Gardner's F/W'12 jewelry presentation was an intimate affair during Fashion Week. In the new Hotel Americano, Heidi was extremely nervous, but looked more at ease as she spoke with family and friends and got into her interview groove.

The collection is stunning, although a bit unconventional (for even more unconventional, check the photos on her site - shocking and amazing). Heidi's pieces are definitely conversation starters. Says Heidi's mother, "Everyone has a little bit of a dark side, Heidi's just not afraid to admit it and use it to her advantage by putting it toward her creativity."

Heidi on her inspiration, "I find inspiration and beauty in the bizarre and macabre. Always have and most likely always will. There's something mysterious and alluring about the things that repulse most people. You are taught as a young age to not state at that which is different or unattractive, but I have never seen anyone or anything that is not beautiful. And so I stare. At everything and at everyone, appreciating its unique genius. I wanted to try and share that concept in my jewelry and in its presentation. I DO want people to stare. You may be repulsed but in this setting it's okay to...stare."

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