[Insert Adjective Here] Dressed: The Grammys

Monday, February 11, 2013
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There really is no 'Best Dressed' at the Grammys, only ridiculous and slightly less ridiculous. So with that, here are my awards for the best and the rest:

Best Dressed Award: Rihanna. Yeah it’s see through, but if I looked like her, all my outfits would be too. Plus, no one has looked that good in a red Alaia since Cher Horowitz.

We Get It, You’re in Good Shape Award: J.Lo and her leg. This woman will be 80 and still dressing like a 20 year old.

Jessica Simpson Never-Ending Pregnancy Award: Amber Rose. How has she not had that baby yet? I’m surprised she didn’t go into labour mid-show.

Accessory of the Night: Frank Ocean’s finger bandage. On a side note, was Chris Brown’s all white ensemble some sort of PR move? Does he think people will see him as innocent?

Glinda the Good Witch Award: Kimbra. Also, I’m pretty sure Kimbra’s head weighs more than her entire body, because I think she could topple over at any second.

Jurassic Park Award: Florence-asaurus Welch in custom Givenchy.

*Sigh* is it the Oscars yet?

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