The Parker Project: From Winter into Summer 2013

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cities have industrial parks, technology parks, but did you know that Vancouver has a fashion park? Located on Parker Street in East Vancouver, The Parker Project houses the offices of some of your favourite fashion brands.

This past Friday we took a tour of The Parker Project to get a sneak peak of the clothes that will be hitting stores soon. With all of our friends talking about Sasquatch and Coachella lately, we had music festivals on the brain. So with that in mind, as we took our tour, it seemed like all of our favourite finds were also festival picks. Even the food was festival ready, with the Tacofino truck parked right outside (nom).

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My general rule of thumb for festivals is that at least one piece of denim must be worn at all times. Have a maxi dress? Add a denim jacket. Wearing a cute blouse? Obviously pair it with cutoffs. Or, just go all out and rock a summer version of the Canadian tuxedo.

I know most people think cutoffs and tank tops for festivals, but when the sun goes down you gotta bundle up (we learned that the hard way at Outside Lands last year). The mix of knit and leather on this Line Knitwear piece looks great and will keep you warm.

Lightweight pants are a must have item. When you’re lying on a blanket waiting for the next act to hit the stage, you’ll be glad you’re in pants and not a short skirt. Gypsy05 had lots of pants in awesome colourful prints. If you’re feeling a little less adventurous, Lifetime Collective had black pants that would make a great wardrobe staple.

Blee Inara had some great accessories with lots of influences from around the world. I was especially digging the evil eyes.

Quiksilver Women had a ton of good finds. My favourite was this tall ship dress.

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Festival dressing can be a bit tricky. You’ve really got to consider where the festival is taking place and other factors like how long you’ll actually have to be outside and what sort of surfaces you’ll be perching on while mowing your food truck treats. You’ve also got to mix practical with on trend, which can be agonizing if you’re not an effortless festival goddess.

My go to pieces always involve layering (even if it’s excessive at times) of both clothing and jewelry. I’d start with these bangles from the YBrands showroom. They’d provide a good hint of colour to any festival getup.

A maxi dress is a perfect piece as it’s both flowly but keeps your legs protected from scratchy grass. The stripe pattern of this Gypsy05 maxi would be perfect to layer with your key denim piece of the day.

If you’re going to a festival where you know it’s going to be hot, these Seychelle's sandals incorporate just enough of the stud trend to be cute without being a hindrance at airport security.
Keeping warm, especially at festivals in a desert like Sasquatch, mean a big knit is essential. This Left on Houston open cardigan could be thrown over any piece to stave off the nighttime chills.

BB Dakota’s lightweight patterned shorts would be perfect for a hot day. Throw on some thigh high socks to carry them into a cool night.

After browsing through the showrooms, we were both ready to ditch our winter knits for some festival pieces. Besides the basics of denim and patterns, incorporate practical layers with unexpected accessories to create a unique festival look while ensuring you won’t freeze while listening to Metallica in a cloud of fog. We coped with the longing for our next festival by stuffing our face with mini cupcakes – we’re definitely on our way to that summer bod.

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