Beauty: The 2012 Oscars

Monday, February 27, 2012
Spotted! Four Spring 2012 beauty trends on the red carpet last night!

Bold Lips

Seems like every season is bold lip season, but it's such a classic look, how can you go wrong? Spring 2012's bold lip comes in a variety of colours, from your typical reds and pinks, to purples and greys (seriously). The one thing that rules them all? A matte finish.
Seen on: Rooney Mara

Bold Brows

Are bold brows still considered a trend? I guess if the old trend was bleached brows (remember ANTM where the girl cried??), then I guess going au natural would be considered a trend. Spring 2012's bold brows are bold and architectural, bordering on androgynous. Sign me up.
Seen on: Rooney Mara

Winged Liner

I love winged liner but I really suck at doing it. (Does anyone have any tips??) Spring 2012 brings eyeliner to a whole new level. At times it was used to draw intricate designs around the eye and crease, and others, it was just used as extreme liner. The winged liner on the red carpet wasn't super avant garde, but obvious enough to meet the trend.
Seen on: Emma Stone, Jennifer Lopez

Tone on tone on tone

Monochrome isn't only just for clothes anymore. The buzzword for this look is "tonal", but I'm a Yeezy/HOV fan, so... Utilizing various shades of one colour enables you to create that fresh faced, dewy look that everyone loves. Even though you could be wearing as much makeup as a tranny, no one will be able to notice. All joking aside, this is one look I'd love to master.
Seen on: Gwyneth Paltrow

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