Review: LuShae Jewelry

Friday, May 21, 2010
LuShae Jewelry was kind enough to let me select an item from their collection for me to review. After some deliberation, I picked out the Bright White Stacker.

I wanted something that suited my style, something that wasn't too gaudy, something that I could wear every day, and this was it. I love the simplicity of it, with the baguettes embedded in the band.

The good:
The ring arrived in the cutest ring box. I wasn't expecting that, so it was a welcome surprise. The ring was lovely, exactly what I had hoped it would be, the cubic zirconia sparkled in the light. I was really pleased with the ring.

The bad:
I am really hard on my hands. I'm at athlete at heart so I'm not gentle by any means. Unfortunately, because of this, I was able to dislodge one of the stones in my ring. It didn't fall out, but it's a bit uneven on the edges. Also, because I wear the ring on a daily basis and because I'm so hard on my hands, the stones have lost a fair bit of their lustre.

I'm on the fence. Reading some of the other reviews, people seem pleased with their items. I'm not, by any means, dissatisfied, I just wish that the ring could have withstood my lifestyle better.


MizzJ said...

It is quite pretty, but I know what you mean about being hard on one's hands! Too bad to hear Lushae didn't quite live up.

The Anthology said...

Good to know. I find rings tricky to wear for the same reasons you do.

Certainly is pretty, though!