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Monday, February 28, 2011
At the end of January, I had the opportunity to test drive a Scion for 2 weeks. Scion is new to the Canadian auto market (first coming to Canada in 2010), but I first fell in love with them in Hawai'i. The last couple times I was in Honolulu, I noticed all these cube-like cars zipping around. Turns out they were the Scion xB - similar in aesthetics to the Honda Element (IMO).

2007 Honda Element
2009 Scion xB
I didn't test drive the xB, and I REALLY wanted to test drive the tC, but I received the xD. The xD I selected had rims, was lowered, and had an upgraded sound system.
2005 Scion tC
2008 Scion xD
The staff at OpenRoad Scion in Richmond were super nice and able to answer all of my questions. While the process of renting me the car for 2 weeks was fairly new to them, they were quick to figure things out.

As for the xD itself, I really liked it. It was super easy to drive and made my Civic seem like a huge boat of a car (it was my first time driving a hatchback). My boyfriend said that the xD suited my personality because it was "zippy". Haha.

I've been so busy lately that I didn't have the chance to take better photos of the car, but here's a quick look at it:

I became very adept at utilizing my mirrors with this on the back

Some things I liked about the xD:

- I felt like I was sitting quite high, which helped me to see the road better
- the seats were comfortable
- the displays - the orange/white combo made it super easy to see
- trunk size - looks small, but it would work for my life - might be tight on a road trip or driving people to the airport
- cupholders!
- heated up quite quickly
- the touch screen deck - NOT stock, it's an upgrade

Some things I didn't like about the xD:

- the gas gauge was a bit weird because it's different from other cars
- the speedometer was in MPH, so I had to get used to looking at the smaller KM/H
- backseats had enough room for a trip to Seattle, but any longer (like Portland), and it would be rough

The xD starts at $17,200

Go check out OpenRoad Scion Richmond, located in the Richmond Automall.

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