Wednesday, January 13, 2010
That's the name of my new lipstick. How sassy is that??

I bought Benefit's Full-finish Lipstick in Flirt Alert for New Years. I had decided that I would go with bold lips since I was too scared to do bold eyes with my lash extensions (I also had a hunch that I wouldn't have the capacity to take the eye makeup off at the end of the night - boy was I right).

I hadn't heard much about the product, but Benefit's always a good go-to. It was the perfect bold red that I was looking for - the others were a bit brown, orange-y, or too pink. Plus their packaging is always super cute - the little insert in the box reads, "Men may come & go but lipstick is forever". Oh Betty, how wise you are.

The product is great. It glides on silky, doesn't dry my lips out, and the colour is fantastic. It's definitely my new favourite lipstick.

The only downside that I've experienced is that due to the packaging, it doesn't have that typical lipstick shape, it has the slanted tip. I've found that this doesn't allow for great application. I don't have Angelina Jolie lips, so swiping it over my lips gets messy. It's definitely the type of lipstick you need a brush for.


lisa said...

I gave up on lipstick years ago because it seemed so fussy compared to gloss, but seeing you and other bloggers rock it may inspire me to give it a second chance. Great review!

Elisse said...

I love this lipstick! I recently purchased it in "No Competition" which gives my lips a rich blackberry color. It's worth checking out :)