Monday, January 18, 2010
First off, thanks for all the recommendations for jeans - I appreciate it. I absolutely hate jean shopping because nothing ever fits me properly. But I digress.

Let me paint you a picture.

My office is at Robson and Burrard. Every morning, I go to Starbucks (on Hornby) for a tea ($1.68 for a venti!) and pass Salvatore Ferragamo. Each day is torture.


Because every day I have to walk past these:

Grazia Platform Pump - $620

They sit there, perched above all the other shoes, as though to say, "Bow to me". I love the nude (they also come in gray!) colour - they would go with everything! The bow detail is so delicate and the peep toe is divine.

Tomorrow, I will show you a video of how these shoes make me feel.


Niki B. said...

these are beautiful. so simple and perfect. i say the spurge is worth it because you're right, they will go with everything and with ferragamo quality you'll have them forever. but at the same time... 620 could have you in mexico tomorrow... haha.

Jenn said...

loveeee! I LOVE nude colored pumps. The fact that they're peeptoe and half a bow on top makes it even better. Man, it must suck to work downtown sometimes because you'd always be tempted to shop. Maybe if you sacrificed your Starbucks for a year (and them some) and you could buy these! haha yes I did the math.

ko0ty said...

Those are beautiful! The things girls do for fashion. ;)

MizzJ said...

Beautiful! I too used to work on Robson, so I feel your pain. I agree with Jenn's suggestion - skipping all those Starbucks runs would definitely be worth it for these babies!

lisa said...


Hehe working downtown has its temptations--I went to PC after work today and left with a Coach keyring skinny wallet and a new trench from H&M. The boy is astounded at how I can spend money like that just on a Monday evening. Dangerous, I say!