Wedding #3

Tuesday, September 28, 2010
At the beginning of September I went to New York for my boyfriend's sister's wedding. It was the most insane wedding I've been to. I promise that I'll post some pictures over the next week or so, including some food posts. But in the meantime, here's my outfit for the wedding:

Dress: Banana Republic  Shoes: Marciano
I love dresses with embellishments, especially for an occasion like this. Having to travel for a wedding, it would've been a lot to bring the necessary jewelry for the event. However, with the embellishments, all the thinking is done for me! Plus, then I have some extra room (and weight allowance!) for shopping! Win/win.


Me said...

Great idea! I hate traveling with jewelry as something always manages to get lost, broken or tangled.

That is such a great dress on you :)

lisa said...

Ooh I've never thought of embellished dresses in that way before. Nice idea! You look so pretty, as always. :-)