Sabai Thai Spa

Monday, October 4, 2010
In August, I was fortunate enough to be given to opportunity to try out a service at Sabai Thai Spa in Coal Harbour (Thanks Sandra!).

Having come off an extremely busy summer (softball tournaments practically every weekend, road trips, events, weddings, etc.), I naturally gravitated towards the massages. I settled on the hour-long Deep Pressure Anti-Stress Massage:
Thai aromatherapy massage concentrating on head, shoulders & back performs a perfect intense rejuvenator, let warm hands draw out impurities and wake up sluggish circulation to smooth away stress. The perfect massage for someone with lots of sports (or desk) related tension.
 I arrived at the spa and instantly felt at ease. The location I was at (Coal Harbour) had a comforting feeling. The front room was filled with products and plants, making it really homey - not stark like a lot of spas. The music was soft and unobtrusive. Serenity Now.

Being such a big fan of massages, I can be pretty particular. One time I went for a shiatsu massage (on Robson St.) and my whole body was massaged. Yes, I am aware that that's the point of a massage. However, I am very, very uncomfortable with strange people massaging my legs. I only let one person massage my legs, my athletic trainer from school. It's a huge trust thing. Having a strange person massage my legs makes me hyper-aware of the situation, causing me to tense up - the exact opposite of the point of massage.

At Sabai Thai, that wasn't the case. The masseuse asked if there were places I didn't want massaged and I told her and she was very lovely and respected my boundaries. It made me feel at ease and I was better able to relax to enjoy the massage.

Thai massage differs from shiatsu. I'm not a massage professional by any means, but to me, it felt as though the Thai massage was more similar to the types of massages I've received from RMTs. A cross between an RMT massage and the massage you receive when you're getting a facial.

Needless to say I fell asleep. And I'm pretty sure I let out a snore (waking myself up, obviously). After my treatment I received a glass of water, which apparently is good post-massage, as it helps flush out the toxins in your body.

I left the spa feeling extremely relaxed, but most rejuvenated. After a long, hot, stressful summer, it was nice to be able to recharge and relax...especially before heading to NYC!

The Sabai Thai Spa website has more information regarding services and the Thai spa experience. Be sure to check them out!


Livie said...

sounds lovely - i wanted to buy that groupon from them recently but didn't nkow who they were so i didn't. good to see you gave it a good review!

MizzJ said...

haha I have the same thing about my leg area too! Guess we have personal bubble issus haha In my experience Thai massages are more rigourous than relaxing, but sounds like these guys are magical!