Macaron Mania

Tuesday, January 18, 2011
If you follow me on Twitter then you may already know that last Friday, my Mom and I took a macaron making class. It was so awesome. And if you've been reading my blog for awhile, you already know that I love macarons and have made them before (twice).

We took the course at the Pastry Training Center of Vancouver. The school is owned and run by Pastry Chef Marco Ropke. Ropke has over 20 years of industry experience and has worked all over the world. The macaron course is offered monthly, but there are so many other wonderful classes offered - I can't wait to take more - especially the bread and fondant classes.

We learned to make 3 different macarons in the class - French, Italian & American.

The French macaron recipe that we used used an Italian meringue, as opposed to a Swiss or French (who knew??), because it retains more air.

Chef piping out his lemon macarons

Before you bake the cookies, macarons have to 'rest' to form a skin
Using a mortar & pestle to crush coffee beans for our macarons
Infusing the coffee in cream to flavour the filling

Chef piping the lavender chocolate filling onto his lemon cookies
Our finished coffee macarons
Chef's finish products

Italian macarons

American macarons
The bread in the pic above prompted this tweet

French macarons
During class we snacked on salad, brie & fresh homemade sourdough multigrain bread

I love the organization of the kitchen

Love these guys!

The front case showcasing goodies from the classes

Sample from the fondant class!!

I definitely recommend taking a class. It was super fun and really easy to follow along. And don't forget to follow Chef Ropke on Twitter: @pastrytraining


herwaisechoice said...

That looks so awesome! Did you bake along separately from the chef too or was it a collective effort of sorts?


Fashion Tales.... said...

My goodness, those macaroons look amazing! Such beautiful delights. It looks like fun and a bit of hard work baking like a star!
twitter: @ladyofashion

lisa said...

This sounds like it was an amazing experience. Good job with the macarons. :)

Melody Fury - said...

That looks superbly fun and delectable, babes!