the lip slip

Thursday, December 1, 2011
Last week I told you about the new lip scrub i bought from Beauty Mark and mentioned that I really wanted to try Sara Happ's the lip slip.

One of my favourite things about Sara Happ's line is that the packaging is just so precious. I love the little boxes and ribbons. You can't really see it in this photo, but the box is a beautiful metallic pink colour...kind of the same as the Alexander Wang Fabiana.

As for the lip balm is glorious. It's thick and silky (though a little bit sticky). I don't need to apply it often (it stays on my lips forever!) and it doesn't smell or taste bad. It is extremely hydrating and I don't have that itchy lip balm addict feeling I get from other products (this is apparently due to the use of camphor in other similar products).

So all in all, I'm definitely hooked on Sara Happ.

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Leonie said...

Things can't be bad if they come in pretty packages like this ;-)

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