Met Gala 2012

Tuesday, May 8, 2012
Ahhh. The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute Gala. It's like Christmas for fashion lovers; where the avant garde is expected and considered the norm. It's when all the haute couture gets put to use, the custom gowns are elaborate, and literally, anything goes.

Since I was just finishing up work when the red carpet was happening (because telling my boss, "But the MET GALA is on!" wasn't an option), I couldn't live tweet it. Which means that you missed out on my stream-of-consciousness thoughts. I figured that I probably shouldn't deprive you of that, so rather than a Best/Worst Dressed list, I bring you Haus of Hybrid's Top 10 Met Gala Observations (plus 5 for good luck).

1) Vera Wang - crazy skinny?

2) Kirsten Dunst - trying to swack Tilda Swinton's style (and Mischa Barton's face)?

3) Karolina Kurkova channeling Barbra Streisand? (But looking ah-maz-ing! And in Rachel Zoe, no less.)

4) Renne Zellweiger not in Herrera!
5) January Jones in Versace. The girl may be dull, but she knows how to wear clothes. Yay her!

6) Ed Westwick > Chace Crawford (Chace Crawford needs better pants. When will men learn that it's all about the fit of the pants?)

7) Elizabeth Banks! Yes! This is the exact type of event that Mary Katrantzou was made for.

8) Florence Welch wore a dress from the McQueen vagina collection (aka F/W'12).

9) Marc Jacobs is my spirit animal.

10) Carey Mulligan!

11) Coco Rocha!

12) Beyonce channelling...Nicki Minaj? I can't believe I just typed that. But let the record show that B not only looks better than Nicki Minaj (all the time), but she also just had a baby 5 months ago.

13) Diane Kruger. Always.

14) Alicia Keys drop crotch tux. WANT.

15) Chloe Sevigny's clogs. WANT.

Images via Getty & People.

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