Summer Photo Blog 2

Monday, August 27, 2012

Deep fried ice cream
Deep fried lychee

Turkey sausage salad from Hubbub
Steak salad from Rogue
Peanut butter explosion from Rogue

Tacos from El Caminos

Test driving the new Chevrolet Spark

Fried chicken and waffle sandwich from The Academic


Sunshine Coast

Bone marrow
Panna cotta with peaches
Roasted peaches with creme fraiche

Stacci - wild mushrooms, olives, roast garlic, and parsley
Tagliatelle - squab liver and heart, pancetta, radicchio, and balsamic
Blue foot chicken with Tuscan panzanella salad
The freshest in Cibo's kitchen


ko0ty said...

You look great, especially in the first photo!

kokostiletto said...

Where did you get those shoes from in the first photo? i want!!