Outfit: White Out

Wednesday, August 1, 2012
I wore this outfit to Night Market (the old one) a couple weekends ago. I had spent the afternoon DIY'ing a few t-shirts that I had picked up from thrift stores for the Outside Lands Festival. I'm practically a DIY expert now. I can chop up a t-shirt like nobody's business.

Tank: DIY Jeans: Forever 21 Sandals: Old Navy Purse: Topshop Sunglasses: Spitfire

But in all seriousness, I'd seen a tank similar to this at F as in Frank as part of their SNAP collection, but they wanted $35 for it. I said, "B-tch please", and vowed to make my own. Admittedly, I was kind of terrified at first because I'm probably the least crafty person I know (Martha Stewart-wise. I am excellent at devising Blair Waldorf-esque plans. Just jokes....or am I?). I scoured YouTube for an adequate tutorial, but found none. I did find a lot of really bad tutorials, including ones with no sound, showing just the person's hands - super creepy. Instead, I took some tips from numerous videos.

Fringing, not a quick task
I actually got dressed and sent a photo to my friend asking if the outfit was "a bit too Jennifer Lopez". Seriously, with some rhinestones and platforms (and hoop earrings with my name in them), I would've been channelling Jenny from the Block, for sure. But since I was going to Night Market, I braced myself to be recognized as a Canto-pop star. Much to my dismay, that didn't happen.

This, however, did.


ko0ty said...

Love your tank! I'm totally not a DIY person either.

Liv said...

you did a super job!! haha and you totally could pass for a canto pop star.

Eimear OReilly said...

love the top!! i see you're from vancouver. me and the other half are moving to canada for a year and we are torn between vancouver and toronto, i mean we'll obviously travel around. our flights are booked for toronto anyway, so we'll see what happens! anyway, i really like your blog. following you now!if you have any info for me about canada i'd eally appreciate it, like places to see etc. hoping to work in fashion! x