Event: Secret Location x Man Repeller

Wednesday, November 28, 2012
A couple weeks ago, Gastown's Secret Location welcomed Man Repeller, Leandra Medine, to Vancouver.

The crowd to see Leandra was pretty crazy. But what else would you expect for one of North America's most well-known bloggers?

The line to see Man Repeller
Secret Location owner, Carey, looking fierce in items found at the store
And now a super awkward montage of photos.

Leandra and I quickly chatted about my favourite post of hers from this past New York Fashion Week. I had had a similar conversation with a couple friends in the menswear industry in New York a few days before that post went up and have had similar conversations with people since.

It's funny, I can totally relate to the situation Leandra describes at Fashion Week. And while there are a lot of photographers who want the crazy outfits, the more well-known, established bloggers are starting to want those who look much more effortless.

It begs the question, has street style maxed itself out in terms of it's insanity, encouraging people to dress in ways they otherwise wouldn't? Is street style going to experience a regression towards more minimalism or just cease to exist (in a world where we are increasingly self-indulgent and narcissistic)?

Leandra's face was getting sore from excessive smiling, so naturally I provided a public service

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