3 Bags Full

Wednesday, March 10, 2010
Last Friday my mom and I ventured into Richmond. We were actually going to watch the SFU/UBC softball game, but decided that we were going to go shopping beforehand (obviously). We stopped at Superstore to check out the Joe Fresh stuff. To be honest, I hadn't seen much of the Joe Fresh line since the Superstore at Metrotown has, maybe, 3 things. Loved it all.

Then we went to Richmond Center. We stumbled upon the first day of Banana Republic's 'Secret Envelope' sale, where you received an envelope with 25, 35, or 50% off. My mom scored the 50%!! It was the best shopping day in awhile.

White Blouse - Joe Fresh
Perfect Leopard Print Cardigan - Joe Fresh
Beige/Khaki Skirt - Banana Republic
Silk Watercolour Blouse - Banana Republic
Green-y Gray Cropped Trousers - Banana Republic


It Girl (Anya) said...

I love Joe Fresh! Great clothes, low prices!

Stevie said...

Ohhh the color on that water colour blouse is stunning.

Livie said...

cute! leopard cardis are the best - they seem to match everything.

I've heard so much about the joe fresh line but never seen it myself. looks very worthy of checking out.

The Anthology said...

That blouse! I want it! Such a gorgeous colour.


lisa said...

"50% off at Banana Republic" is like music to my ears lol. Sounds like you had quite a fruitful shopping trip.