Spring Fling!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010
No, not the dance in The Babysitter's Club.

The answer to many a wannabe lash addict is here!

Noir Lash Lounge is finally offering a half set of lashes at half the price! With a focus on the outer lashes, 'Le Fling' will still give you the bright-eyed and bushy tailed look without being overly dramatic and without causing too much damage to your wallet.

'Le Fling' comes just in time for spring, and even better - summer! Throw away those mascara tubes, say good-bye to raccoon eyes from the heat, and look picture perfect on those camping trips!

'Le Fling' costs $35 and is a service provided by both the Yaletown and South Granville locations.


Jenn said...

Ugh, I miss my extensions a lot, but I'm probably going to wait it out a bit until my allergies subside. Nothing worse than ripping out your lashes when you're rubbing your itchy eyes :(

p.s. I LOVVVEED the babysitter's club!!

rachaelkrystina said...

Ooooh, I think once my skin allergy goes away (who doesn't love mascara enduced rashes?) that I'll have to get an appointment for a sping fling!

I've never tried lash extentions and this sounds like a good way to get started.