Hump Day Hunks

Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Hump Day Hunks is a feature typically done by Liv from It's a Beautiful Life. While it's a very popular feature, I don't always agree with her choices (like here). So, it was decided that I would do my own edition of Hump Day Hunks to provide some insight into the type of men that I enjoy.

Since the first edition of Hump Day Hunks I've been asking Liv to feature outrigger paddlers. For this specific reason:

Danny Ching. Part Chinese, part Hawai'ian. And if that wasn't enough for you, LOOK AT THOSE ARMS.

Scott Wilson from Departures, the best travel show ever. Canadian, rugged, eyebrow piercing, funny, worldly, and he has the best job in the world. Love, love, love. (This one's also for Kristina of Vagablonding.)

Moving away from relative obscurity...

Clive Owen. I LOVE him. I love the seductive pout he has, the mystery in his eyes, the characters he plays, and of course, his accent. I also love that he doesn't have a baby face, and is instead, rugged.

Eric Dane. McSteamy indeed. We all know that he has a killer body, but not only that, he also wears facial hair insanely well and has a killer smile. Plus he also doesn't look like he's a child.

Hope you all enjoyed! Happy Hump Day!


Livie said...

love it!! thanks for the shoutout Erin and i'm so glad Hump Day Hunks brings so much joy to all, even if we don't always agree =D.

Love that outrigger paddler! I did look into that but couldn't find any sites that directed me to the who's who of the sport. Any advice in that for my future "research" would be great!

Departures is a wonderful show and I too am a Scott fan. Not only is he cute but smart too!

MizzJ said...

Oh my, I'm sorry Liv, but I love Erin's picks!!! I didn't even realize that the first guy had a face, I was too busy staring at those delicious biceps!

Kristina said...

Great pics, girl! I couldn't agree more with the Scott nomination... ahh... love love love! Thanks for the shout out!! :)

ko0ty said...

Wooo I WILL look at those arms!