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Monday, March 18, 2013
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If you know Blubird, you know that it is decadence and edge all in one brightly-lit store -- beautifully packaged Fresh cosmetics, open-backed Helmut Lang t-shirts. There isn't a more perfect place to host the spring launch of Partyskirts, the Vancouver-made miniskirt collection with a colour selection that rivals American Apparel.

Partyskirts was started by sisters Lauren and Mariel Armstrong. You can read the origin story on their website, or in a nutshell...

Lauren & Mariel: HORRORS! There are no miniskirts in our wardrobe!
Their mom: Fear not! I will make two adorable miniskirts for you!
Boutiques/fashionistas everywhere: OMG WHERE DID YOU GET THAT??
L & M: Our mom made it!

Now that the Armstrong sisters have brought Partyskirts to the masses, the launch at Blubird drew in tons of stylish folks to admire, try on, and even buy a skirt or two of their own. As evidenced by the models and mannequins at the launch party, you can literally pair a Partyskirt with anything - cropped leather jackets, sweaters, tanks, t-shirts, floral jackets. 

With that kind of versatility, the $195 for a locally-made luxury item really does not seem that steep. Partyskirts are 100% silk (luxury!), and are specifically pleated so they poof out without a crinoline (fun!). The colours are gorgeous (ooh la la!), and with the right heels, the skirts create the illusion of legs for days. At least, that's the sense I got from all the ridiculously pretty models walking around in them. I'll just go back to stuffing my face with canapés, and dreaming of Partyskirts in oxblood.

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