Spring/Summer 2013: Trends

Wednesday, March 13, 2013
We've officially sprung forward and temperatures are rising (unless of course, you're here in Ottawa, where after a few balmy 6 degree days, we'll be back sub-zero this weekend. I really just want to wear different shoes, that's all.), so that means the Spring collections are hitting the stores. Here's an idea of what you'll be seeing for the next couple seasons. For more, check out The Cut.

Remember in the 90s when showing your midriff was all about wearing baby-t's and, well, basically clothes that looked too small for you (sorry Clueless and Empire Records)? Well, midriffs don't need to be (that) scary anymore. So hit the gym and work those abs! I should talk - I just at an entire bag of chips...after Emily told me I "looked like Beyonce, but with better abs". Also, can we talk about Marc Jacobs' attempt at midriff bearing power suits?

Marc Jacobs
Charlotte Ronson
Long Shorts
A personal favourite of mine. I have muscular legs so short shorts don't work well on me; so I usually have a hard time finding shorts that don't make me look like I belong on the stage at Brandi's (or Christina Aguilera). I've also found that long shorts tend to not be cut that well, making them much more unflattering than they need to be. But needless to say, I'm stoked that long shorts are being done in the most flattering way they can be (I use the word 'flattering' very loosely).

Mara Hoffman

Jailbird Stripes
Black and white are always in style, but more so now that the Hamberglar look is in style. From horizontal to vertical to diagonal, black and white stripes are everywhere.

Michael Kors

Peek-a-boo Dresses
These have been seen on the red carpet at a few shows over the past year, but they're finally making their way down to us regular folk. But instead of cut outs, we're seeing sheer or lace overlays, giving the wearing the illusion of being fully dressed.

Helmut Lang
Calvin Klein Collection

What trends are you into this season?

Images via Style.com

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Rachel said...

Pretty dresses.. I love that stripes from Acne. And the model rocks it even harder. I don't know if that make sense but.