Monday, September 14, 2009
I have been very inconsistent with my blogging as of late. With promises of wine and snuggles with the boyfriend, plus a jam-packed weekend, where does a girl find the time?

I made a stop at Ganache over the weekend to satisfy (at least for the time being) my macaron craving. They come in packages of 9 ($5.95) or 24 ($12.95) and are considerably smaller than the one I got at Granville Island. Because of their size, they don't have the thick layer of ganache, but are still delicious. I'm hoping to try to make my own in the near future...with pictures of course!

Counting down the days until I leave for New Zealand! Only 12 to go!

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AsianCajuns said...

New Zealand??? That's so exciting! Have you ever read the blog by Ana B. called "On Dressing Up"? She is from New Zealand and her photos always make me wish I were there!

ps- can't wait to see the pics of your own macaroons! The task seems daunting to me- and I love to bake... and eat ;)