WTF? and Whine Wednesday

Wednesday, September 2, 2009
Did anyone read Monday's 24Hours? Did you see the 'Feedback' section, where people can write in with comments? I sure did.

David Mann from Vancouver, you sir, are an ass.

He writes:

Pregnancy is a choice. I do not believe I have to give up my seat on the bus or SkyTrain for a pregnant woman. One has to realize at times having a baby and having children is going to be tough. This is one of those. Give up my seat for the elderly and disabled? Of course. For someone who chooses to have a baby? Not likely.

Seriously? I can only imagine how much hate-mail this man is receiving.

Mr. Mann's statement brings a couple thoughts to my head:

1) What would his Mother say to him? I mean, she obviously chose to get pregnant and have this abomination of an individual. How would he feel if his Mother had been treated this way? I would expect him to be outraged. But I suppose it's also possible that he's a terrible human being and would make his own Mother stand on the SkyTrain...on one foot and not holding on to a handrail.

2) Is he pro-choice or pro-life? Not that it matters. But in MY opinion, being pro-choice means that you get to make the best choice for yourself, be it keep the baby, give the baby up for adoption, or abort it. It's not as transparent as people make it out to be. (End of debate.)

Does Mr. Mann's statement make your blood boil like it does mine? Or am I just overreacting?


lisa said...

He is obviously a dumbass! A little courtesy goes a looong way in making the world a better place and a pregnant woman shouldn't be made to stand when she's already suffering so much discomfort that a man would never have to go through. Besides, someday these babies are going to grow up into the adults that run this world, pay income taxes, and support our pensions as we sit around in nursing homes. Yeah, it was the pregnant woman's choice to become pregnant, but it's a choice that will benefit you in the long run, Mr. Mann. Get the hell up and give the woman a seat.

caroLove said...

That is preposterous! Lets give him a child to carry for 9 months and see if he feels the same after.

xoxo anna

Erin said...

yesterday's column was filled with people's comments about how outrageous his beliefs were. i hope today's has a response from him. it's like jerry springer!

Jenn said...

Today's 24 Newspaper actually did a mini experiment where one of their reporters wore a fake belly to see how many people would give up their seat for her on the bus/skytrain. Thank GOD this idiot David Mann is in the minority. It's unbelievable how insensitive he is.