Best Part of My Long Weekend.....

Tuesday, September 8, 2009
Was paying $4 (!!!!) for a strawberry macaron.
It reminded me of France and now I'm on a macaron hunt.

It's really the simple things that make me happy. You know, like $4 macarons.

Any recommendations for places to get macarons?


lisa said...

Where did you get the one you're holding?!

Just searched for macarons in Vancouver on Yelp. Apparently Ganache in Yaletown has them!

nicole said...

I was just going to suggest Ganache! I bought a mango cake there for my mom's birthday and she loved it. Have yet to try their macaroons but I'm betting that they're pretty damn good!


MizzJ said...

Mmm delish! I say we go for macaron dessert night! hahah that pic of you is hilarious, you look ridiculously happy.