WTF? and Whine Wednesday

Wednesday, September 23, 2009
The MTV VMAs were a couple weeks ago. I didn't watch them - I had forgotten that they were even on. And while I didn't get to watch Kanye diss Taylor Swift live, the silver lining is that I didn't have to watch any of the boring parts...namely anything that has to do with the actual awards. Because really, I don't care about the awards. I want to see what people are wearing and the performances (Lady GaGa - WOW!). The rest? Doesn't matter to me because I don't usually agree anyway. Like Beyonce, I absolutely cannot stand her. I liked her in Destiny's Child, but solo, I have no time for her. And the House of Dereon? Are we trying to make clothes that girls from the deep south that live on the "wrong side of the tracks" will wear? Because Momma Tina is successful in that. But I digress.
In the days that followed, I came across a picture that actually blew my mind. I had to literally, pick up pieces of grey matter from my cubicle.

Not so long ago, Stephanie Pratt was a cute girl. Although she comes across as a shit-disturber and an airhead on The Hills, you can't deny that she was cute. She was very girl-next-door...almost wholesome looking.

But at the VMAs, Stephanie Pratt graced the world with a, well, let's call it a new look....

I will openly admit that I think her new nose is great! It's a nice nose! I don't think it was particularly necessary, but what do I know? It's not something I'd get for myself, but on her, it looks good (and identical to Heidi's). But her lips. Did we fast-forward a month and Steph's wearing an Aubrey O'Day mask for Hallowe'en? It looks like she came straight from getting her Restylane injections - I've actually seen pictures of her since and her lips have deflated a bit, but are still borderline ridiculous. I mean, is she smiling in this picture or are her lips just too big that that's how they're supposed to be? It doesn't help her cause that the lashes she's wearing are way too heavy for her eyes and are weighing down her lids!

What I don't understand is this obsession that young women (particularly Hollywood) have with plastic surgery! Getting a procedure because you need it (Ashley Tisdale's nose) is one thing, but because you want to further your career (Megan Fox, Heidi Montag) is another. Girls like the latter two are virtually only famous because they exploit themselves and their bodies. What real talent do either of them have?
Images via The Hollywood Gossip.


talesfromabarstool said...

And these girls are supposed to be role models for young girls today? Teens look up to them? It's really sad.

Erin said...

it's so sad. this is why girls have self esteem issues. i'm glad i grew up when i did.

MizzJ said...

Bravo for saying this, it is quite sick! She was pretty to begin with and now sure she's still hot, but in a way that is very slick and Hollywood. Why doens't anyone appreciate truly natural beauty anymore?

Closet Full of Nothing said...

eek, her lips are scary!