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Monday, August 24, 2009
I was browsing through ShopBop's sale earlier today. Specifically the 70% off page because for 2 days only, they're taking off an extra 30% (of the already reduced 70% items). Fabulous! The last time I had browsed the 70% off pages, there were oodles of things I had lusted after. But at the time, I was on my self-imposed shopping ban.

Let's just say that what I found on those 70% off pages was...disappointing to say the least. We'll let the pictures do the talking...

VPL Tri Unity Turtleneck
Original price: $325.00
Sale Price: $97.50
Less 30%: $68.25

Yes, VPL stands for exactly what you think it does: Visible Panty Line. Not only would I not want to buy this for the name, but it's hideous. It looks like something Richard Simmons would wear circa 1970...or well, circa 2009 for that matter. Is he their target consumer? Because the only way I would pay money for this, is if I got it at Value Village for less than $10...and it was for a costume party.

Rachel Roy Gene Bow Dress
Original Price: $1295
Sale Price: $388.50
Less 30%: $271.95

When I first saw this, I thought that the dress was eating the poor model. The dress seems so heavy for her slight frame. Even though it's blue, this is kind of how I envision what wearing a sack would look like. I mean, Ariel in the Little Mermaid wore a cuter ensemble when she was first found by Prince Eric on the beach. And the sleeves on this dress remind me of a pantomime.

ShopBop always has stuff that I like, but it also has insane things like these 2 beauties that just make me cringe. Ah well, at least they never disappoint!


lisa said...

Ick to both!

caroLove said... are so right!

xoxo anna

MizzJ said...

Woudln't 70% off + another 30% = absolutely free??? haha

Eww that blue dress makes her look like a midget.