The Perfect Jeans?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Can it be? Have we really come across the 'perfect' jean? Seems too good to be true, doesn't it? Well, the folks at IndiDenim seem to have done just that. Say hello to custom jeans

While IndiDemin isn't the first company to venture into the realm of custom-made jeans, they do seem like they have the most staying power. Other custom denim websites haven't been updated in a few years and just lack the layout and class that the Indi site has. Aside from that, Indi looks to have a great customer service system, boasting not only telephone and email assistance, but also a live chat option. In addition, should it be that you aren't satisfied with your jeans, you can return them and if you want re-order to reflect any changes. They pay for the shipping! Another great thing is that if you are satisfied with your jeans, Indi stores the style in your "Digital Closet", so that you can order the same pair with just the click of your mouse.

I went through the process to create my own jeans (to scope things out) and with all the questions I was asked, not only about style of jean I want, but also about my measurements, body type, and issues I typically have when wearing jeans (gaping, too tight in one area while being too big in others, etc.).

Indi provides you with 20 different types of denim to choose from, including both Spanish and Japanese denim. Along with 29 different pocket designs, 10 different washes, 7 hem types, you're sure to create the jeans you've been longing to find.

My jeans came out to $160, which, for the perfect jeans, isn't much at all. After tax, $168. Shipping is free!
I am a bit wary that shopping is free, only because I don't see how they are able to ship from the USA to Canada, unless they just eat the costs. I only say this because I'm a ShoeDazzle member and they charge for shipping to Canada while the USA is free. It also seems a bit too good to be true, doesn't it? While it's very possible that it is true, I'm definitely going to have to believe it when I see it.

Has anyone tried or even heard of IndiDenim before? What are your thoughts?
Image from IndiDenim.


MizzJ said...

Yay on the blog! That does seem almost too good to be true eh on the shipping? Be sure to post a follow-up review once they arrive :)

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

never tried it! as for high heels, i usually only wear them 3/4 times a week so my feet don't get too sore. also, i only wear heels with a substantial platform in front... WAY more comfy and walkable that way!