Welcome to Haus of Hybrid!

Monday, August 17, 2009
I had been thinking about starting a blog for sometime now, but I never really got around to it, there was always something stopping me. It wasn't until I had a couple people say to me, "You should totally start a blog!" that I began to seriously reconsider. With the encouragement of Mike I made my decision, and the Haus of Hybrid was born.

Well, it wasn't that easy. Anyone who knows me, knows that when faced with a decision that gets even remotely beyond the realm of something like "do you prefer apples or oranges?" I am floored. Total indecision. So it's no real surprise that I hummed and hawed for a couple days before finally settling on a name.

The inspiration for the name, Haus of Hybrid, also came from Mike. Being of mixed ethnicity, Mike has a tendancy to call me a 'hybrid' (as opposed to the more popular term 'halfer'). It's kind of a unique word, something that you don't hear too often. But it also has a second meaning when pertaining to my blog. While there will definitely be areas that I will focus on a bit more, I wanted to make sure that I was creating a brand that defined me and all my interests. So as a result, 'Hybrid' also means that I will be covering a multitude of areas. 'Haus' came from my interest in fashion. The larger, more dominant designers are often described as being Houses. This got me thinking a bit more and I remembered that Lady GaGa had labeled her "brand" the Haus of GaGa (Haus being the German word for 'house'). And since 'Haus' sounds infinitely cooler than 'House', well, the rest os history. And so, the Haus of Hybrid was born.

Thanks for stopping by and we'll see you soon.


lisa said...

Great new blog, lady! I'm looking forward to reading more--remind me to blogroll you when my head isn't as foggy. :)

The Anthology said...

Hooray for starting a blog! Congrats -- the first two posts are highly entertaining.

* Kelsey