WTF? and Whine Wednesdays

Wednesday, August 26, 2009
On Wednesdays you can look forward to me venting about the crazy things that I'm fortunate enough to witness throughout the week. Most of the things I rant about here will be elaborated versions of the things I tweet about. So please, feel free to add your own WTF? and Rants in the comments section, or feel free to send them to me.


Last week, I realized that the Crocs store had finally opened on Robson St. First off, why are they called Crocs? They don't resemble crocodiles. Or any other reptile for that matter. Second, how is it that people can look at them and say, "Now these, these I can wear with EVERYTHING!" Wrong. You can't. I will forgive you if you wear them in the garden, to take out the trash, or pretty much so that you aren't caught dead in them in public. But to wear them as actual shoes? To the store? To the mall? A restaurant? No. That is where I draw the line. I don't care if they're comfortable, they're ugly. And you look like a moron. To all you UGG haters, there is something worse. Crocs.

The One Handed Glove Man

There is this man that I see on the skytrain almost every morning. He wears one black glove. To protect his hand from germs, obvs. I have some issues with this: 1) it's not one of those gloves that the Asian women wear to drive, it's a glove. A winter, woolen glove. It's summer. Hottest one we've had, and this man is wearing a winter glove. And only one. 2) Why just one glove? Why not two? 3) They have this thing called hand sanitizer. I think that it might get rid of 99.9% of germs from such places like public transit. 4) What happens if you find yourself in a situation where you can't use the hand that the glove is on? Do you switch? Or are you the jerk who doesn't hold on and relies on other people to hold you up?

Women Who Wear Sneakers to Work

Ok. I see this way, way, WAY too often. It is seriously going to make me blind. My brain actually hurts when I see it. I will get wrinkles because I cringe so hard. Why is it that women (mostly older, but I've also seen younger) insist on wearing running shoes with not only dress pants, but also with dresses/skirts and nylons or dresses/skirts and nylons with socks. I can totally understand if you're going to go run a marathon in those clothes. In fact, I'd like to see it. What's the point? Going for a run at lunch? Carry your running shoes in an eco-friendly bag. Leave them at work and just bring a new pair of socks. For the love of God, wear them on your hands (like gloves), just stop wearing them with your work clothes! You look stupid. But my favourite, are the women who change into said shoes to go get lunch. If the shoes you wear at work are not comfortable enough to walk a block or so to get lunch and you would rather put on your ratty, smelly sneakers, then maybe you need new shoes. They're called flats and they're quite comfortable.


lisa said...

LOL well said, especially your last rant! I used to work with a girl who would wear pointy-toed stilettos in the office and change in and out of her work shoes into Puma sneakers every time she ventured outdoors. Meanwhile I was pretty content to wear my kitten heels all day long.

MizzJ said...

hahah love this post. Yes, all Ugg and Croc haters must unite and fight against these fashion atrocities!! I hope when I get old I don't become obsessed with being comfortable all the time and forget how to look good!

I think they wear sneakers b/c it's hard to stand in their shoes or walk blocks to work? I can't really tell them not to as I don't commute very far, but yeah changing shoes for lunch is a little ridiculous!