The Debate Continues

Tuesday, January 10, 2012
You've read "Do Vancouver Men Suck?", the rebuttal "Do Vancouver Women Suck?", and some of my thoughts on the subject.

So now what? Who emerges the victor? Sadly, no one.

Unless someone is searching deep within the satire, sarcasm, and bitchy-undertones (which, according to everyone's opinions, isn't possible because Yaletown women all say 'like' too often, and men only play video games) nothing is going to change.

Unless Vancouverites get over themselves, are able to have the emotional intelligence of their ACTUAL age (not the one they tell strangers), and be objective, things will remain the same. Women will have perma bitch-face, and men will still act like pre-adults. Sounds like a lose-lose to me.

So rather than sit around moaning about the sad state of dating in Vancouver, why don't you take a look at yourself and the image - the brand (because everything is about your personal brand) - you put out there, and be objective about it. If you were someone of the opposite sex (while thinking like the opposite sex!) would you want to date you, with your wrinkled clothes, bitch-face, video game claw hand, and UGGs? We weren't named the 3rd worst dressed city in the world for nothing.

So Vancouver singles and not-so-singles, if you want change, start with yourself - not the date you'd like to have.

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