Friday, November 20, 2009
On the Sea-to-Sky

Vacation anyone?


nicole said...

I could use a vacation haha

yeah I like how Benefit makeup artists do the mixing of products too. It's so cool to see how much each product can do and some of the things they mix together, I'd never think of doing! yeah ace was with me at my makeover and we both bought ooh la lift. I used it today mixed with erase paste and it had some pretty AMAZING results. Not gonna lie but I LOVE IT.

how did "that gal" rub off on you? I use it after my moisturizer and under my foundation and it works well for me.

yay! you'll have to do a post on your lashes when you get them!

ko0ty said...

I would love one right now but on the contrary, I'm kinda excited about staying home this holiday.