My Love is Like...Vampire Blood?

Thursday, November 12, 2009
If you know me really well, you know that I am Anti Twilight (as well as Harry Potter), which is why this is kind of a weird review for me to write. I almost feel hypocritical, but I justify it because I am so Pro DuWop Lip Venom. I love the tingly sensation that you get when you wear DuWop products, so when the DuWop Lip Venom V was announced, I was skeptical because of the Twilight influence, but intrigued.

The DuWop website says that Lip Venom V is not a gloss but a "shimmering crimson lip stain" with a "super potent bite". It is considered to be a lip conditioner and contain argan, avocado, olive oils, and vitamin E.

Let me start off by saying that anything that is written on the website about vampires and crap, is well, just that. Crap. "This product should be shaken before use to represent the blending of the human and vampire worlds". Seriously? If I had seen the website prior to buying the product, there was no way I would have. I'm 25 for Pete's sake! I don't want some crap thrown at me about vampire and human worlds. The marketing for the product is horrible. It's a $25 lip stain! Not a gloss. So, using this ploy to market is a bad idea. 15 year olds can't afford $25 lip-anything, nor should they be wearing lip stain. But that's another issue all together. I understand that the product is Twilight sponsored, no problem there, but the marketing is totally corny.

But other than that, everything else said about the product is bang on. It provides a great red colour, an awesome tingly sensation, and it feels good on your lips!

The downside is that the red colour is a bit too bold for every day wear. It's a night shade of red, and would be difficult to pull off at work or school. But props to you if you have the confidence to rock that look in the day.

Overall, I'm not too satisfied with the product though. But here's why: I didn't know that it was a stain. I was expecting a red lip venom gloss, so imagine my disappointment when I discover that it's just a stain. I didn't read up about it before - I saw DuWup, I saw red, and I wanted. So any dissatisfaction that I have with the product is entirely my problem.

Verdict? Toss up. If you're willing to spend the money for a small lip stain, then do it! But I know that I wouldn't because there are other products out there that are a bit more economical for me.

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onthefringe said...

omg... erin! i hate that vampire bullshit stuff too!!!!! HATE ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. i have never read or touched a single twilight book thus far!
that love story stuff - it's MADEEEE UPPPPPP PEOPLE! get over it.

anyway :) yes i am getting the green!!! and the shipping is brutal. cost me two arms and two legs for it. 38.50. BRUTAL!!! no matter how many you buy. it is that price. FML.

nicole said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA your post cracked me up!! oh man, that marketing crap is SO CORNYYY!!! what the eff! you know what's sad though? the 15 year old will totally eat that b.s. right up and will shell out the dough to wear a $25 lip stain. You know it's true!!!

I'm anti-twilight too hahahahaha, damn twi-hards. get over yourself! edward is not a real person. he will never want you or love you, in fact, he probably hates you. HAHAHAHA.

I use the regular lip venom. I love the tingly sensation, gloss and smell of it. good enough for me!

MizzJ said...

lol you're so funny Erin! That marketing is pretty corny and obvs assume that teenagers are idiots. Who knows, maybe they are judging by the Twi-hard mania. So overrated. At least Lip Venom doesn't fail to disappoint!!