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Friday, November 13, 2009
Global Grind!!

The Haus of Hybrid was quoted on Global Grind - The World According to Hip Hop, and I couldn't have been more stoked.

It was my piece on Steph Pratt's plastic surgery. And while it was a rant of sorts (because she looks totally ridiculous), it's also an important subject.

Young women these days have such distorted views of beauty. They think that they need to be stick thin and have the perfect everything. That's not the case, at all. Unfortunately, the industry that we all love promotes this image. But the biggest culprit is Hollywood, obviously. If Steph Pratt wasn't on TV, there would be no way that she would have even thought about getting plastic surgery. But because she is, she felt pressured by everyone around her, probably indirectly, to go under the knife. There is no reason that anyone that age (what, 22?) should ever get plastic surgery, unless it's for medical reasons. Starting young like that just creates more and more problems and before you know it, you'll have a forehead like Vanessa Williams or Nicole Kidman.

As a community, promoting a healthier image is something that we need to advocate. Start at the grassroots level. Make our voices heard through little things, like writing a letter to Glamour Magazine, telling them you loved a certain model in their pages.

Happy Weekend All. Happy Friday the 13th!


Jenn said...

It's interesting you write about Glamour! A few months ago one of their editorials in their September issue featured a blonde model who was not stick thin but refreshingly NORMAL. Curves, belly and all. It was GORGEOUS. Thousands of women wrote in to Glamour expressing their thanks for featuring a real woman in their magazine.

The pictures:

MizzJ said...

It's so true. I saw this program on Slice the other week about perceptions of beauty and apparently the rate of plastic surgeries is skyrocketing. How sickening that we would ever be willing to go under knife and long recoveries just for vanity.

Niki B. said...

I completely agree with you. I actually know a girl who got a nose job for her 18th birthday. Why do people think this is ok? I'd also be interested to hear your opinion on Gemma Ward and Lara Stone... I swear if I hear another person call them "plus size" or fat my head will spin off. Ughhh.