WTF? and Whine Wednesday

Wednesday, November 4, 2009
I haven't done a WTF? Wednesday in awhile, mostly because there haven't been many things that I have found so irritating that I need to vent about them. Or, I've found things to drive me crazy but they would have been far too difficult to write about. But this one came easy...

Top 10 Things That Make Gossip Girl Suck (This Season)

10) Relationship longevity. What's the point of introducing a character (like Bree) and have them leave within 3 episodes? Especially in Bree's case when you try to develop a storyline and end it in 1 episode.

9) Letting Michelle Trachtenberg sign a contract for Mercy. Sure, Georgina was a bit psycho this season, but the girl makes for good TV.

8) Scott. I can't stand him. He freaks me out.

7) Dan. I had hope for him in the first episode when he was a jerk and got everyone to stay at Georgina's rooftop party rather than going to Blair's saketini party. (Who doesn't want saketinis?? Especially free saketinis. Pretentious or not, college students love free.) But it's been downhill since.

6) The lack of Blair's original followers. They were hilariously awesome.

5) Blair's new followers. They don't even have names. Or lines. Or really serve any purpose whatsoever.

4) The lack of Nelly Yuki.

3) The lack of good storyline for Vanessa. She's pretty and has potential. But stop making her waffle from bad to good and vice versa. Plus her hair is bad. Quasi-dreadlocks? No thanks.

2) Letting them graduate. I understand that people age, but did you ever see Saved by the Bell?? Once it went to College Years, it was bad news. Same with The OC. High school drama is where it's at. Has there ever been a show about kids starting college and how they deal with drama?

1) The show is called Gossip Girl. Where is GG? Aside from the occasional voice over, she's nowhere to be found. Didn't GG say that she would be following them to college? If that's the case, then what's up?! I want the simultaneous texts!

Honourable mention goes to Nate and his lack of storyline.

What else would you add?


nicole said...

I agree with all of the above, except I still don't like Georgina, she's psycho. Otherwise, great top 10 list! And yes, GG herself doesn't seem to be as prominent in this season, not cool. Well, actually, come to think of it, with all the lame story lines they've been having, there isn't much juicy gossip to be posting about anyway, GG must be so disappointed.

Niki B. said...

hahaha I love this. And I completely agree about Vanessa - homegirl used conditioner before, wtf is going on now? Another relationship longevity issue = carter. wtf again. and serena, please. be MORE annoying, i dare you.

I must say tho, LOVE tripp - i hope he spices things up. Maybe the threesome will be me, him and chuck... and on that note i've tainted your blog forever.

MizzJ said...

Ugh I soo agree with this list! I say kill of Dan and Vanessa, make Jenny preppy again, and write storylines for other characters besides Chuck and Blair!!

hehe don't you remember Felicity? that one was all about college. Oh I miss the hair.

ko0ty said...

When does this season end? I'm holding myself back from watching it because I want to watch it all at once. I hate waiting weekly for episodes!

The Anthology said...

I am so with you on the short relationships. The one that seems to be growing stale, though? Chuck and Blair. I liked it much better when they were torturing each other.