Let's Hear it For the Boy

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Not all of us fashionistas are blessed to have a fashionisto as our leading man. But, thanks to this article in the Globe and Mail, there is hope!

The article was inspired by, Put This On, a fashion blog by men for men. It features How-To webisodes that address issues that men have.

The idea of the site is great; there is definitely a need for fashion blogs directed at the general male population. Looking through the site though, I didn't find it as helpful as another blog though.

The Style Blogger is another male targeted blog that I find a lot more informative than Put This On. I really like that it has questions from readers about issues that are practical and informative. If I were to recommend a blog for men to read, it would definitely be this one.


lisa said...

That WAS a great article in the Globe and Mail, wasn't it?

I think boys would try to dress a lot better if they knew how irresistible it made them to the ladies. For example, when my boy and I go to the ballet this Friday evening, he will be wearing a suit (supposedly...we'll see if he does). I'm sure if I pawed him a bit, he'd dress a lot better normally too LOL. See? It's all about positive re-enforcement. ;-)

nicole said...

Oh Chuck Bass... sigh.

Great article by Globe & Mail about Put This On. And good blog recommendation for The Style Blogger!

All men should dress well, but sadly that isn't the case. Oh well, what can you do?

Thanks for your comment, I love that vest too. And yes, will be posting about my lash extensions soon!

Jenna said...

I WILL find and marry a man who dresses in the ranks of Chuck Bass. I won't settle for anything less. :)