the lip scrub

Wednesday, November 23, 2011
Last week at the Beauty Mark holiday media event, I picked up some much needed lip scrub. I had been exfoliating my lips the old fashioned way, with either a facecloth or a combination of sugar and lip balm, with little results. And as a gal who likes to wear bold lipstick, it's super important to have that nice smooth base so that you don't end up with chapped lip chunks in your lipstick (you may not see them, but I know they're there!).

I had been putting off a visit to Sephora to find something and I'm glad I did.

$26 at Beauty Mark
I picked up the lip scrub by sarah happ in creme brûlée from Beauty Mark and I absolutely love it! The granules are just right - big enough to be effective, but not so harsh that they make your lips hurt - and the flavour is yum! Beauty Mark carries a wide array of the available flavours.

Sarah Happ is also the creator of the lip slip - the "perfect" lip balm - and I can't wait to go back to Beauty Mark to pick it up!

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Shoppalu said...

I have been looking for a good lip scrub for long. My lips get incredibly chapped in the colder months right when you wanna rock that bold lip! I'm totally gonna go pick this up!
Thanks girl :)