Turtle, Turtle: An Outfit Post

Wednesday, November 2, 2011
And no, I don't mean this:

I'm talking about turtlenecks.

I think most people thought Niki from A Haute Mess was crazy when she declared her love for turtlenecks, but how cray cray can the girl be when InStyle and the rest of the fashion world agree? (Don't answer that, because you have no idea...LYMY!)

I picked up a lightweight white/cream turtleneck from Joe Fresh a few weeks ago (I was planning on getting one from American Apparel, but since I wasn't sure if I'd dig the look, I opted for the cheaper version) and hummed and hawed over how to style it. The weight of the turtleneck was key for me. I usually shy away from layering because I don't enjoy feeling bulky. But I'm determined this season to experiment more with layers.

The possibilities are endless for such a great staple, it easily works in to my wardrobe in and out of work. (Apologies for the crappy photos - I don't leave enough time in the morning to take pictures before work, and by the time I get home at the end of the day....gross. So, here's a tour of the bathroom at my office. You're welcome.)

I wore this outfit before it became wool coat weather, but it can easily be adapted.

All basics: moccasins, jeans, turtleneck

Add statement necklace for a bit of oomph (also seen here)

Add another layer for warmth (or cold weather denial), I opted for chambray

Finish with your fall coat (leather, anorak, chunky knit, etc.) and a scarf

Wearing: Shoes: Minnatonka Jeans: Fidelity Turtleneck: Joe Fresh Chambray: By Corpus Necklace: Aldo Jacket: Identify Scarf: unknown (from a random store at the train station in Marseille)

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ko0ty said...

I love turtle necks too! They keep you warm and they look classy... the only problem is that I get warm REALLY easily (veryy sensitive to heat) so I can never wear them, especially if I'm going to be indoors. :S