Sexy Socks

Monday, November 7, 2011
Coming back from New York Fashion Week inspired me to try some new things with my personal style. While I spend most of my days at work chained to a desk, it's sometimes difficult for me to really push the sartorial limits (although, on occasion I can get away with some pretty fun turbands).

One of the things I've been experimenting with are socks. Not plain old black or white, but rather, pop socks. I've only been able to find a couple pairs of really good ones, so if you know where I can find more, let me know!

The first time I wore socks with heels was also the first time wearing pop socks - go big or go home right? That was back when the weather was warmer and I could risk going out in bare legs without fear of frostbite.

Recently I pair some socks with pants. Mine are cropped, but for a little bit of sass, roll up some other pants. (Yes, the bathroom is back.)

Shirt: Primark Pants: Banana Republic Blazer: Zara Socks: GAP Booties: Rampage

Same socks as seen here

Don't think that fun socks are only for the women! This is definitely something that the men can do too! Not only is it stylish and unexpected, but it's also an attention grabber and a conversation starter.


g said...

Someone needs a trip to Japan! They have amazing socks there. The girls seem to really appreciate socks as accessories. Good luck on your search. Will definitely let you know if I see any.

Kristina said...

Yes! Korea has amazing socks too. Love the look!

Jani said...

Love those socks. Houndstooth print is one of my favorite prints this season. If you like funky socks you should really check out they have some great stuff :)