Winter's White

Tuesday, November 22, 2011
A few weeks ago I attended the (212) Winter Showcase.

I wore the white, sequin Charlotte Tarantola cardigan that I picked up at the Dakota Group Sample Sale. I love this cardigan so much. It's grandpa-esque, white (aka neutral), and SEQUIN. #win

I also look extremely giant-like and disproportionate in these photos. I promise I don't look like this in real life (much), so don't worry, you'll still probably want to be my friend (no guarantees though). I also don't often have Peggy Olson hair (what is up with that?!).

Cardigan: Charlotte Tarantola Skirt: Urban Outfitter Tank: Obakki Boots: Sam Edelman Zoylas

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white cardigan said...

You looks so beautiful in this outfit!