Vancouver Blogger Meetup: Recap

Monday, November 14, 2011
First off, thanks to everyone who came out last Wednesday. A big thanks to The Network Hub for letting us use their fabulous space. A huge hug to Hummingbird 604 for asking me to be on the panel, and of course, a huge thanks to my fellow panelists: A Beautiful Life, Fashion Forward 40, & Style Struck.

For those of you who missed out, we had a lively discussion about monetization, the state of blogging in Canada, PR pitches, and many other things.

A few tips from the evening's conversation:

1) PR firms: Know the blogger & their content before pitching. Also, personalize pitches.
2) Some brands, big and small, don't see the value of getting blog exposure.
3) Don't get discouraged by not having a high number of comments.
4) Blog for yourself, not for attention.
5) Have a consistent brand across social platforms.
6) Post as often and consistently as you can.
7) Take the opportunity to meet other bloggers in real life - even if you seem like a stalker.

Likely telling about the time I was pitched a story about sex toys.

If you have any other questions for me to (attempt) to tackle, ask me on Formspring or shoot me an email.


ko0ty said...

Blog for yourself, not for attention. - definitely agree with this! The best blogs are the ones where the blogger's personality shows through.

Leonie said...

Nice recap, so glad I went to this meeting. The story about the sex toy pitch was hilarious! :-D

Down On Dunsmuir

Kimm said...

I always fail with number7. There are days I just want to sit down and write but life gets in the way and I totally forget about blogging about a specific topic.

Melissa said...

So what you're saying is, stalk other bloggers. DONE.

I wish I could have attended. Looks like there was some great conversation!


Anonymous said...

This event looks stupid. None of you are actually well-known, or even respected, bloggers. Except for maybe Style Struck.

Ashley AKA wifey said...

Sad I missed wifey in action. Sure you schooled everyone per usual. x

Jeannine said...

Hi there! How often do you meet up? Would like to meet you all at the next one :) I'm a Vancouver wedding blogger.

Anonymous said...

great idea. we see lots of tweet ups, but not many blog meet ups (blog ups?)

definitely agree with blog for yourself. the passion alone will drive the blog.

going to be stalking your blog more often, erin! ;)