3 New Things I Learned in New York

Thursday, September 29, 2011
My most recent trip to New York was my fourth time in The City, but the first time that a) I didn't do anything touristy and, b) the first time I stayed in Manhattan. What a different experience.

I love that travel is such a different experience every time you go somewhere, old or new, so there are always opportunities to learn new and experience new things.

Here are 3 new things I learned about New York:

Hot boys congregate in Murray Hill.
We stayed in Murray Hill and it was like living on a University campus - loads of cute boys! It's not the coolest or most exciting area, but if you're on the prowl for hot university-aged boys, come here.

Taking cabs is economical...
...on your wallet and your time. I hadn't used taxis as a serious mode of transportation in NYC, but now that I have...wow. There are the obvious stereotypes about there being cabs lining the street, and while that is a bit extreme, cabs are so easily accessible. No waiting for 20-30 minutes to hail a cab. No insane fast fare ticker while you're sitting in traffic. To get from the Lincoln Centre to SoHo, it was $15. In Vancouver that would easily cost $20+. My feet thanked me so much for taking cabs because there isn't always a subway station around when you're wearing your tranny heels.

New York pizza is meh.
After hearing about how amazing the pizza was in NYC, I was super stoked to try it. It's good. But I definitely prefer Megabite. But, I'm not sure if that's just because of the awesome garlic sauce. (This statement excludes Grimaldi's.)


lisa said...

Town cars are surprisingly economical too even though they seem super ritzy. The first time I stayed in New York, the concierge at my hotel called a town car for me when I had to switch hotels mid-stay. They agreed upon a price for me in advance to go from the Upper West Side to the Lower East Side. It only cost $20 plus tip.

ko0ty said...

Nothing beats Joyce Pizza. :P

My dream is moving to New York one day... you're so lucky you got to go!