The Board of Trade Co. Opening Party

Monday, September 26, 2011
A couple weekends ago, I was invited to attend the launch party of Vancouver's newest boutique, The Board of Trade Co. located in Chinatown.

To be honest, I was coming off such a high from New York Fashion Week that I was kind of dreading the event.

Imagine my surprise when a) the boutique was different from most other boutiques in Vancouver, and b) the party was bumpin'.

The Board of Trade Co. houses mostly men's clothing, but they do have a few women's pieces. Prices are very reasonable and you can also shop online!

There are some really unique accessories 

Sick men's shoes 
Amazing Walther Tassel Loafers 

Racks on racks on racks of men's clothes
Owned by Eunice and David, The Board of Trade Co. carries unique brands from around the world. They believe in giving up-and-coming designers a voice, rather than being the faceless person behind the brand. If you're looking for the next hot thing, The Board of Trade Co. is the place to be.

But back to the party. This was no typical Vancouver fashion scene party. The usual suspects were MIA and there were tons of guys in attendance. Major bonus, the dudes were all well dressed! In addition, the bar was a keg (!!!) and people were doing picklebacks (shots of whiskey chased by a shot of pickle juice).

The good stuff

Reppin' the neighbourhood with Chinese treats

Overall, great party, great store, and great people. Can't wait to go back.

The Board of Trade Co. is located at 227 Union St. in Vancouver.


ko0ty said...

I've been reading about this opening at a lot of local blogs and it looked like such a great party. I love the simple design of their store too... very masculine.

MizzJ said...

It's a great looking store! Hope they expand to womens wear in the future. I'll take your word on the pickle juice.. that just sounds.. strange haha

Anonymous said...

The people who built the store are called Strathcona Carpentry, they are doing a space in Gastown i noticed too. Interested to see what else they come up with

Sellina said...

i got a chance to meet them a couple of days ago for a blog feature - and i gotta say, they are super cool people! I love the clothes, the concept, and the energy.

lisa said...

I need to pay a visit to the Board of Trade Co. soon! Looks like they have quite a few menswear options for the boy to browse too.

Erin said...

if you haven't been, go! seriously.

@lisa - yes, there are lots of things for the boys! they definitely won't be bored - get him to check out the shoes!